Advanced Step (DCG)
Episode 2
World World One (DCG)
Levels 26 - 45
Character DCGirl, DCBrother
New features Various boosters, Regular Icing
Difficulty Very Easy - Easy
Quest progression
Previous Next
Beginner Step Licorice Library

Advanced Step is the second episode in Candy Crush Saga: DCG mode and the second episode of World One in Candy Crush Saga: DCG mode. This episode will released on someday. The champion title is Advanced Stepper.


Before episode:
DCGirl meet DCBrother while she explore the DCG world.
After episode:
DCGirl find that her older brother, DCBrother also explore the world, but he said that "I probably have much tougher adventure than yours". So, she worried about that. But he said that "Don't worry" to her.

New things

  • Level 26 - +5 candies (Timed Icon)
  • Level 27 - Color Bomb booster (All level type)
  • Level 28 - Striped and Wrapped booster (All level type)
  • Level 29 - Jelly Fish booster (Jelly Icon)
  • Level 30 - Coconut Wheel booster (Ingredients Icon)
  • Level 31 - Lucky Candy booster (Candy Order Icon)
  • Level 32 - Time Freezing (20 seconds) booster (Timed Icon)
  • Level 33 - Lollipop Hammer booster (All level type)
  • Level 34 - Free Switch booster (All level type)
  • Level 35 - Stuck zone (Ingredients Icon)
  • Level 36 - Icing (Regular Icing), the first blocker in this game


This episode contains level 26 to 45.

Moves Icon Jelly Icon Ingredients Icon Timed Icon Candy Order Icon
3 4 6 3 4
The easiest level:
The hardest level:


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