에어장 사탕(스테이지 제작용 사이즈)

Air-jang candy

Air-jang candy is Candy Bonshoo Crush Saga's stripe candy. They are regular candies with horizontal or vertical white air-jangs on them. Depending the direction of the air-jangs, they clear the whole row or column they are in when matched, if 4 candies are matched in a row, a vertically air-jang candy is created. If 4 candies are matched in a column, a horizontally air-jang candy is created. Another way of looking at it is that the air-jang candy will have air-jangs in the direction it was moved to make the 4 in a row. If one moves a horizontal air-jang candy up or down, the result would be affected. If one moves a vertical air-jang candy left or right, the result would also be affected.

Mixing with special candies

Air-jang candy can be mixed with other special candies to make bigger effects.

Air-jang candy×2

By combining two air-jang candies, both are activated horizontally and vertically. The direction of the air-jangs does not influence the effect, so it is possible to make the same effect with two horizontally air-jang candies or two vertically air-jang candies.

Air-jang+ANG candy

The air-jang candy becomes a 3x3 giant air-jang candy which clears 3 rows and then 3 columns in a cross shape.

Air-jang+Gijayangban bomb

When mixed, every candy of the colour of the air-jang candy, becomes an air-jang candy with air-jangs in alternating directions. These are then detonated. For those candies below liquorice locks or marmalade, they will also be transformed and detonated.

Air-jang+Bbubbubbung candy

Regular candies into air-jang candies that will be activated right away. The bbubbubbung and air-jang candies will fuse and then explode. The explosion will with loud bbubbubbung sound on all of the regular and special candies.

Air-jang+Soul jelly dove

The soul jelly doves becomes an air-jang soul jelly doves and flies off of the screen. Then 3 air-jang soul jelly doves fly onto the screen and transform 3 regular candies in soul jellies into air-jang soul jelly doves which are then activated.

Air-jang+Girl group wheel

The air-jang candy is activated. Then the wheel turns up to three candies into air-jang candies, and warps to the opposite side of board and turns up to another three candies into air-jang candies. Then, all of these air-jang candies go off.

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