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Anti-Order Levels are one of the level types in Candycrush071's Candy Crush. This level type doesn't exist in the original game, however it's similar to the moonscale in Dreamworld.

In CC071, Anti-Order levels are not very common, especially because they are introduced very late (in Level 1136). The song played in this level type is the same as the Jelly song on mobile (Ingredients song on Facebook).


To win an anti-order level, the player must use all of their moves without failing the level by collecting more banned candies than the tolerance. This level type is the opposite of Candy Order levels, since you must not collected the "orders" (called "banned candies" or "anti-orders"), because if you do you will fail the level. The banned candy colors have a tolerance of how much of them can be collected without failing the level, for example, if the anti-order is "Green.png50", you can collect 49 green candies in that level without failing. If you collect one more (the 50th green candy) you will fail instantly. Some levels have the tolerance 1 (for example "Yellow.png1" in Level 1150), in these levels you cannot collect any candies of that color at all. If the level has more than one anti-order, for example "Blue.png15 and Orange.png15", reaching the tolerance of one of them will make you lose the level, so if you collected 15 blue candies you will fail even if you didn't collect 15 orange candies. If chocolate spreads over a banned candy color, it will not be collected so you don't have to worry about that, however you have to worry about toffee tornadoes and cake bombs because they might end up clearing candies of a banned color. Also, unlike other level types, usually a level with more moves will be harder than a level with less moves, because if there are less moves, the chances of you collecting more banned candies than the tolerance is smaller, however it depends on the tolerance. The target score of anti-order levels tend to be low since it's not the main objective of this level type.

After you have used all of your moves without failing, any special candies in the board will be activated. Other than this, there is no sugar crush that converts the remaining moves into striped candies since, like Moves levels, it's impossible to finish the level before you use all of your moves.