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Anti order levels or Reverse order levels are one of the level types in Fanons in Candy Crush Saga Fanon Wiki. This level type was created by Maalit72.


In Candy Crush Sugar Saga, they will appear late, starting at level 1021, in the 69th episode. They are somewhat uncommon after the debut episode. Anti order levels are levels which you cannot collect the banned things listed on the level. This level is the complete opposite of Candy order levels.

Anti orders can be for candies, special candies and blockers in this fanon.


In CC071, Anti-Order levels are not very common, especially because they are introduced very late (in Level 1136).


The first Anti-Order level will be Level 1061. They are rather rare because of how late they are introduced in the game.


In Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga The Revenge Of The Bubblegum Troll, this level type was called Reverse order levels. Was first introduced in the 18th episode, Delicious Dunes. This level type was present in every episode after the debut episode, with 1 to 3 reverse order levels per episode. However, this fanon appear to be discontinued.


Anti-order levels are not seen as a seperate level type in UCCS, however anti-orders may be featured in candy order levels and mixed levels starting from level 289 (Insane Insomnia). There can be anti-orders of everything, like candy colours, special candies, combos and blockers. Levels 296, 671, 981, 1581 and 1997 are very hard-extremely hard levels because they have tolerance one (if you just collect one specific candy, combo or blocker, you will fail)

Esh's Casual Candy Crush Saga

The first anti-order level in ECCCS is Level 121. Anti-order levels are very common once they are introduced, and they can be really difficult. Levels with the candies anti-order can be really hard, as all candies count towards the anti-order. In ECCCS, there's a new booster added for it, called Factory Demand.

Weakest variant of Factory Demand booster.


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In this level type, players must use all of their moves while avoiding certain colors of candies, special candies or blockers. However, there is a tolerance of said things that can still be collected before the game ends. (Example: If the anti order is 20 purple candies, you can collect up to 19 purple candies. The 20th purple candy you collect will make you fail the level). Usually, an Antiorder icon level with fewer moves and more candy colors is easier, since the chances of overpassing the tolerance of banned candies or blockers is smaller.


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