Apple Arena is the first episode of Candy Crush Saga Olaf : (CCSO)

And Contains Levels 1 - 10.

There are a few Medium Levels in this Level 3, Level 5 and Level 9

Hardest and Easiest Level

Easiest : Level 1

Hardest : Level 3 and Level 5


Level 1 CCSO

Level 2 CCSO

Level 3 CCSO

Level 4 CCSO

Level 5 CCSO

Level 6 CCSO

Level 7 CCSO

Level 8 CCSO

Level 9 CCSO

Level 10 CCSO

Difficulty of episode : Easy

Before Episode

The Emperor is trapped under apples.

After Episode

Tiffi Munches up all the apples to rescue the Emperor and then they Celebrate.

Previous and Next Episode

Previous Episode : N/A

Next Episode : Gelato Gorge

Champion Title

The champion title is Brownie Boxer

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