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Balance levels is a type of level featured in some fanons. This level type was created by L819F.


In Candy Crush Sugar Saga, they will appear late, somewhere in the 1300s.

Esh's Casual Candy Crush Saga

The first balance level is Level 46. This fanon uses the same concept of balancing, but the ideas used are very different from that of CCSS.

Objective and properties

In balance levels, there are two weights (jars) positioned in the center next to both horizontal sides of the game board, a blue jar on the left side and a red jar on the right side. The goal of this level type is to clear a specific, equal number of blue candies and red candies. Removing these candies fills their respective colored jar; blue candies add to the blue jar, while red candies add to the red jar. Both jars show the number of blue candies and red candies cleared from the board. As the jars are filled, they descend. Neither the blue jar nor the red jar must reach the bottom of the board.

The difference of the jars' counters affects the rate in which the jars drop; the greater the difference, the faster the jar with the larger number goes down. When both counters display the same number, the jars remain stationary regardless of where they are in relation to the bottom.

If a jar reaches the bottom, you lose the level.

Like in candy order levels, each candy collected is worth 100 points.

Another unique property about this level type is the fact that the player has unlimited moves and time. But the player still can fail this level if one weight reaches the bottom of the board.


  • This is one of very few level types to have unlimited moves and time.
  • This level type was inspired by Balance mini-quest from Bejeweled 3.