Episode 039

Biscuit Boulders is the thirty ninth episode in Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga ROBT.

The champion title of this episode is currently unknown.


Before Episode

Carmel finds a small snake. Carmel asks the snake: "What's the problem?". Then, the snake says to Carmel: "I can't continue because the area is not flat".

After Episode

Carmel make to the snake a small flat walkway from flat rocks. Then, the snake continues his way and after that, he is happy. The sanke says to Carmel: "Thanks!".

New Things

  • N/A


Easiest Level: Level 570

Hardest Level: Level 567

Levels Level Type Level Difficulty
Level 561 Jelly Icon Considerably Easy
Level 562 Jelly Icon Considerably Hard
Level 563 Candy Order Icon Medium
Level 564 Ingredients Icon Easy
Level 565 Jelly Icon Hard
Level 566 Candy Order Icon Hard
Level 567 Jelly Icon Very Hard
Level 568 M72 Reverse Order Logo Considerably Hard
Level 569 Jelly Icon Considerably Easy
Level 570 Candy Order Icon Easy
Level 571 Ingredients Icon Medium
Level 572 Jelly Icon Considerably Easy
Level 573 Ingredients Icon Hard
Level 574 Jelly Icon Considerably Hard
Level 575 M72 Reverse Order Logo Hard
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