Bitter Chocolate

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Bitter chocolate (Bitter Chocolate) is a blocker in some fanons like in CC811 and Candy Crush Super Saga. They are introduced in Level 561, in the 39th episode Chocopolis for 811's saga and in Level 910, in the 108th episode Caotonic Village for super saga

Bitter Chocolate also will appear in Candy Crush Sugar Saga.

Properties (New)

Only Bitter Chocolate in the 8th row can spread due to available spaces to multiple.

  • Each bitter chocolate square on screen will spawn a new one every move if they have available spaces to spread. Hence, each Bitter Chocolate square is independent, unlike Chocolate.
  • In the picture, each of four Bitter Chocolate square in the 8th row can spawn one more square. Bitter Chocolate placed in the 9th row can't spawn more, because there are no spaces to spread to.
  • Like other chocolates, they spread every move if at least one Bitter Chocolate is not broken in a move.
  • It is considered a difficult blocker to get rid of. It is much harder to handle than normal chocolate, since they spread very rapidly.
  • Like brown chocolate, Bitter Chocolate will break if candies are affected nearby.

Properties (Old)

Bitter chocolate used to work completely before the redesign.

Bitter chocolate spreads even when the player clears at least one of them. The more chocolate is broken, more chocolate will spread. The Bitter Chocolate will always spread on 50% of spaces that it was broken, if the number of broken pieces is even. Ex: 6 broken chocolates in a move results in 3 new ones after cascades stop. If the number of broken chocolates is odd, the number of chocolate that will spread will be equivalent to the next even number. Ex: 9 broken chocolates will generate 5 new ones, not 4.

However, this blocker was completely redesigned in May 2018.

Super Saga

Standard Bitter Chocolate

Bitter chocolate has only 1 layer even if it has the layer 2 of white chocolate. It spreads every move. Once you remove it, it will create

bitter chocolate(s) unless no bitter chocolate is found


  • In Super Saga, it is the 3rd chocolate kind alongside with the Normal and White Chocolates.
  • This is the first element in Candy Crush Sugar Saga to be redesigned.
  • Bitter chocolate is also called "Super Chocolate".
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