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Blocker levels are one of level types in Candy Crush Saga Fanon Wiki. This level type is somewhat redundant; Candy Order levels have replaced them, since clearing certain types of blockers are now order types.


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  • In CCSM, the player has to clear all type of blockers on the board before running out of moves (Note: All blockers, not blocker given in order). Each blocker (include blocker layer) is worth 1,000 points.


In CCR, the player has to clear all the prescribed blockers in the board. When you clear all the required blockers, Sugar Crush will activated and convert the remaining moves to striped candies.

Unlike candy order levels and pipeline levels, clearing the blockers does not have special bonus.

The first blocker level is Level 1011. This level type is quite rare and having around 0-3 levels each episode. However, the earlier debut episodes are much more common. Luscious Lounge whops 10 blocker levels.


Most Fanons

  • To pass this level type, the player must clear all blockers on the board which required. Once all the blockers on the entire board is cleared, the player completes the level. This level type is similar to a Candy Order level, especially one with blockers as orders.

Super Saga


Blocker levels icon in Super Saga when the player only needs one blocker to remove


Blocker levels icon in Super Saga when the player needs more than one blocker to remove


Blocker levels icon in Super Saga when the player only needs all blockers to remover remove

In Super Saga, you have 3 types:

  • If only one is shown, then you have to clear only one blocker.
  • If more than is shown, then you have to clear the blockers that the goals panel show
  • If nothing is shown, then you have to clear all the blockers, including the ones you get from lucky/mystery candies.


  • In the real game, only icing, chocolate, swirls, and popcorn have been used as blocker orders. The popcorn is by far the most difficult, roughly equivalent to a "blocker combo". There are yet to have blocker orders involving locked candy, candy bombs, sugar chests, etc.
  • On SCrash port (Κορα Κορε ΙΙ), only the red icon is shown even if you have to clear some blockers instead of all.
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