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Sam223mywsdv Sam223mywsdv 25 February

Level design contest by Sam

Difficulty Level Settings

A is Easier and D is Harder

  1. A): Up to 50 moves
  2. B): Up to 35 moves
  3. C): Up to 25 moves
  4. D): Up to 23 moves
  5. E): Custom: Accept Redesign Level Contest

Accept redesign levels

  • Changing moves or candy bomb timer settings
  • Element settings (Any Cannon Spawn Blockers, Magic Mixer Spawn)
  • Teleporter Entries, Conveyor Belt, Order Locks, Sour Skulls, mark in []
  • Number of Ingredients Needed to Drop (Hazelnut/Cherry)
  • Change Order (Example 1: [Before {"item":1,"quantity":10}], [After {"item":1,"quantity":20}]), (Example 2: [Before {"item":17,"quantity":10}], [After {"item":19,"quantity":10}])
  • Directions of Rainbow Rapid Levels
  • Number of colors (2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 colors)
  • Target Score (1 Star, 2 Stars, 3 Stars)
  • Buffed levels or Nerfed levels
  • Moved Levels (Ex…

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Fencey Fencey 16 January 2021

Why I discontinued CC50S

CC50S is NOT discontinued. My levels will be posted on Discord and Youtube. Go check them out there.

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Bp101697 Bp101697 3 January 2021

CCR In Parallel Universe

In my fanon, the first three seasons have 164 levels each. They are divided into 4 sections with 41 each. If I use method that groups in the first season (1-1 to 4-41) are assigned into season 2 like this:

1-1 is in section 1 of season 2

1-2 is in section 2 of season 2

1-3 is in section 3 of season 2

1-4 is in section 4 of season 2

1-5 is in section 1 of season 2


Of course, assignment for season 3 will use the same method and the level order must be sorted from 1-1 to 4-41 (except 1-41, which must be always the last level in any section)

Levels for seasons 2 and 3 should be

The red group means season 3 will be in section 1, yellow in section 2, green in section 3, and blue in section 4.

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EndreUjvari EndreUjvari 15 December 2020

Special level contest (For Fencey)


  1. The target score must be higher than 500 000 points.
  2. The board need to big and complicated. All 81 spaces must be used.
  3. Add some lots of features on the level.
  4. The best difficulties on the level are: Hard, Very Hard, Extremely Hard, and Nearly Impossible.

Just design a level with these rules and send its code. I will certainly play it.

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Bp101697 Bp101697 22 November 2020

New Anti-Order Rule

Hi. It's long time no see. I realised that the old anti-order rule was too harsh and made some levels almost impossible, so I removed that feature. After someone releases anti-order levels, I think it can be applied in my fanon, but not level type. Instead, it is a special rule that can be applied to any level type!

|candies= |target = |order = }} To pass this level, you must collect 100 yellow candies without collecting 70 red candies or 70 orange candies and score at least 10,000 points. When you complete the level, Sugar Crush is activated.

  • Collecting 100 candies in the board of six colors can be a difficult task.
  • The player is not allowed to complete anti-order before finishing the goal. Finishing anti-order of red candies or orange cand…

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WindowsVista184 WindowsVista184 16 September 2020

My Candy from My Computer


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Np2402 Np2402 1 April 2020

Pros and Cons of Visual and Source editing

The advantage of visual editing is that it is simpler than wikitext. However, it gives less buttons to click to do different things. Source editing is more complicated but once you get the hang of it it gives you more ability to edit creatively.

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Makecandycrushgreatagain Makecandycrushgreatagain 1 April 2020

Making a fanon!

Hello. I am starting a fanon now that I have time. I will release the first few episodes in the next few days, and more will be coming. There will be 15 levels per episode, including the first episode. The game would start out much like the original, but with elements introduced much earlier, but I will eventually introduce different elements, some of which don't appear in the original game. The fanon will be called Candy Crush Casual Saga.

Hope you will like it! 

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Color Lover Color Lover 31 December 2019

Random Candy Saga Sneak Peek 2

So,apparently,I borrowed courtemanche437's editor.Thanks! :D So,here is sneak peek 2. Level types:)(In order) Moves (Level 1) Ingredients (Level 4) Jelly (Level 7) Timed (Level 15) Candy Order (Level 28) Pipeline (Level 66) Anti-Order (Level 91) Chocolate (Level 126) Icing (Level 152) Soda (Level 192) Frosting (Level 321) Jam (Level 411) Boss (Level 500) Energy (Level 606) Bubble (Level 681) Honey (Level 801) Ice (Level 1011) Bubblegum (Level 1251) Sugar Drop (Level 1296) Fizz (Level 1311) Mixed (Level 1476)

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Pasriram04 Pasriram04 30 December 2019

Help with Dispensers!

Hi guys! I am back to the fanon wiki now (with a better grammar lol) and back in full swing here. I am glad to see quite a few new fanons. I am realy terrible at photo editing (if ou havent guessed already, looking at my fanon), so I would really appreciate if someone made a Game maker size (40x40) template for the following - 1. Cherry dispenser 2. Cherry-cum-Hazelnut dispenser

If possible, I would be happy to see dispensers for combos involving Single Licorice Swirls and Candy Bombs too. (Maybe even a Swirl-Candy Bomb-Hazelnut-Cherry one?)

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Color Lover Color Lover 30 December 2019

Random Candy Saga Sneak Peek 1


My Fanon (Random Crush Saga) Will have a different Difficulty System. Here it is: (Levels in parenthesis is the first level of that difficulty)

The reason why I used a different one is because I wanted to be creative. Stay Tuned. And if someone found a link to a level editor that is working,they'll get a shoutout at my user page and I will make Sneak Peek

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Color Lover Color Lover 27 December 2019


I need Help!

I tried installing CC071's Level editor on Dropbox,But instead,An Error 404 occurred. If anybody can help me or get me a new pack,Thank You so much

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Pasriram04 Pasriram04 5 January 2019

CCS Stuff New Link?

Since I recently got a new computer and got gamemaker again, I need a new link for download CCS Stuff. Could I have the link for it? The old link ( is dead.

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Flockky II Flockky II 4 August 2018


It's been a year already since I was retired and inactive. I see many changes in the wiki, and pretty awesome changes have made. Well, the past few days, you saw on the RWA my comments about episode predictions, then followed by levels attempt and experiences, and now creating a brand new fanon in CCSFW. Because of these signs, I decided to mark myself as semi-active, since I feel like semi-coming back now. Miss you all.

However, it's still undecided for me to go to Discord chat, since sometimes I sacrifice not to chat. This is because my schedule, particularly on weekdays, is busy - dealing with school and house matters.

To b-crat: Feel free to do my admin rights granted.

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Typical Beanstalk Typical Beanstalk 18 June 2018

Help I cant post my fan on

When i try to post my fan on, the editor launches me to an error saying that i have been massive changing name spaces, can anyone tell what is that and why cant i post my fan on :(

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Typical Beanstalk Typical Beanstalk 18 June 2018


testing if im auto confirmed

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Paul.campos Paul.campos 9 June 2018

Help for a beginner: c

Hi, I'm thinking about creating my version of ccs in this wiki, but I need advice on editing images and templates, could you help me? :c Pls help 

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Pasriram04 Pasriram04 16 May 2018

Help with wikia needed.

Hello everyone! As few of you might know, I have started a new candy crush fanon, Candy Crush Earth Saga, which has a geographical / exploration theme. However, while editing, I am having several problems:

1. How to color text?

2. How to insert picture between text? (Ctrl + V doesnt work) -  E.g.


(iii)  Ingredient Levels [Picture of Ingredients Level] - Introduced at Level 11, these are the 2nd most common level type. Here, you need to.......

3. How to add pictures to table?

4. How to a table like in the candy crush wiki, about episodes? (A template would be nice)

If you could please help, I would be very happy. Thanks, Adi

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Mossy Mos Mossy Mos 25 April 2018

Testing Page 2

|difficulty=Very Easy |next=Sweet Village |previous=N/A }} is the first episode of Candy Crush Saga: Imagination Land.

  • 1 New Things
    • 1.1 Level Types
  • 2 Levels
  • 3 Gallery

  • Moves levels are introduced in level 1.

This episode contains level 1 - 5.

|hardest= - }}

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Mossy Mos Mossy Mos 25 April 2018

Testing Page

} |candies= |type = Moves |previous = N/A |nexttype=Moves |next =Level 2 }}

|moves = 5 |candies= |type = Moves |previous = N/A |nexttype=Moves |next =Level 2 }}

|moves = 5 |candies= |type = Moves |previous = N/A |nexttype=Moves |next =Level 2 }}

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Courtemanche437 Courtemanche437 18 April 2018

8,000 Edits!

In just three months, I have already reached two more edit milestones, which is absolutely mind-blowing to me! As with previous milestones, I've been busy with a bunch of things, such as continuing to categorize all my level pages, writing new ones, minor tweaks to episode pages, correcting grammar, etc. 

As of yet, I am just about finishing up with the level pages for World 6 of C437CCS, with only the last 10 levels of Gingerbread Glacier to go, although Insaneworld and Fan Crush Saga have taken a lower priority because after all, FCS isn't my main fanon and the Insaneworld of C437CCS was really just an afterthought.

There's really not much else to say other than these things that wouldn't come off as just ripped straight out of my previous…

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HM100 HM100 14 April 2018

MAROULA MAROULA MAROULA!!!!!!! H&M100 the Samus has reached 10K edits

has good news now. I have now done 10000 edits, something never happened on an individual wiki before. In the past, I had reached up to 4-digit edit amount. From now, it isn't true anymore because here I have reached 5-digit edit amount now. Hope you congratulate me as you did in the past milestones.

Yes. I would like to announce that I'll write new blog post about edit milestones every 5000 edits instead of 1000. Meaning that the next one is at 15K edits. This new trend will apply until the 50Kth edit comes. Hope you won't disagree about this change. This is because the more edits I do here, the slower will the next blogpost about a new edit milestone will come.

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Trinket9 Trinket9 9 April 2018

1,500 edits!!!

I reached 1500 edits (finally) yesterday! The 1,500th edit was the upload of the level 292 image. Also, I have 30 days in a row right now, so I can possibly regain my 100 days badge some day. :D

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Courtemanche437 Courtemanche437 19 January 2018

6,000 Edits!

Wow, another milestone already?! I can't believe I have made 1,000 edits in just over a month! However, this time the edits came as a result of mostly smaller contributions, such as making slight tweaks to improve grammar, adding pages to categories, and fixing templates. I have finished up the first two episodes of World 6's level pages for C437CCS, plus a few more pages for its Insaneworld and Fan Crush saga, but as I mentioned, those bulky contributions were a relatively minor portion of this millennium. 

Speaking of categories, I have started my big categorization project I announced in my previous blog post. I've already done the first world of C437CCS, plus a few random pages I recently created or edited otherwise. I will focus some e…

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Courtemanche437 Courtemanche437 12 December 2017

5,000 Edits!

I have reached another edit milestone on this wiki! And it couldn't have come at a better time, as I have just finished up with all of the level pages in World 5 of my original fanon. I say "original fanon" because I not only create levels for C437CCS anymore, but now also for its Insaneworld and a new fanon titled Fan Crush Saga, which primarily contains Candy Crush Soda Saga and fan level types, both of which are relatively new, but will eventually become all-out adventures of their own in due time.

Furthermore, I have added a lot of polish to my existing level pages, such as wrapping up the addition of navboxes and updated infoboxes to the first 300 levels of my original fanon, plus a light categorization of them all which I plan to expa…

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Hyper Mystery Hyper Mystery 1 November 2017


This page contains sprites, backgrounds and banners that I use in my fanons.

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HM100 HM100 9 October 2017

Wonder Ful - My 9k edits are now live

I'm so pleased to get 9k edits. I hope I get 10k edits very soon. It's also the only wiki that I have more than 6000 edits and will be specifically the first wiki to have 10000+ edits in the next months. MarTsok 17:49, October 9, 2017 (UTC)

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Courtemanche437 Courtemanche437 7 October 2017

4,000 Edits!

Although this is only my third blog post, and I never really paid much attention to this before, I have reached the milestone of making 4,000 edits on this wiki! It's been quite a ride, having finished up my major level page revamp, making episode and world pages, and helping out others with their fanons!

As I turn the page on the book that is my fanon being posted to the wiki, I have also updated my navbox to prepare for World 5, plus I've sprinkled some categories to some pages to make them a little more distinguishable, though I will be doing a lot more in the future with more specifications, seeing as I've been waiting for what's felt like ages to upload more levels while I finished polishing off all of my old pages. 

There's really not …

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Trinket9 Trinket9 10 September 2017

World 1 complete!

Hello! I have just completed World 1 of my fanon! That means adding new level pages has stopped for a while as I have some other things to do with the new world (like updating navbox and making banners). Please rate the difficulty of the levels in my fanon in the comments!

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HM100 HM100 26 July 2017

Hahahaha Hex - My 8k edits are now live

Although I did editing less now, with some edis using AWB, it allowed me have 8k edits!!!!!.

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HM100 HM100 22 May 2017

Κορα Κορε ΙΙ Expands and Super Saga in Mobile. Hamilton House revealed

Hamilton House released with a trick.

  • Licorice Cane (Level 1.1K50)
    • See here
  • Locked Multilayered Icing (For layers 2 and 5) (Level 1.1K51)
    • They need special candies to remove the lock and then the icing has to be removed as usual
  • // Timed Mixed Combo (Level 1.1K54)
    • Those mixed levels require the player to clear all the jellies, bring down all the ingredients and collect the orders in limited time
  • Weak Licorice Cane (Level 1.1K55)
    • Like Licorice Cane but can be removed
  • Coloring Chocolate (Level 1.1K55)
    • Can only be removed with the proper color the chocolate is and with special candies. It can spread only its mother color (i.e. Green Chocolate cannot grow in other chocolate color but only in green). Unlike coloring icing, it can shuffle colors between l…

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HM100 HM100 14 May 2017

PSSSSSS!!!! What happened? My 7k edit is live now

I'm so excited to have 7k edits. I hope everyone will congratulate me as soon as possible.!!!!

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HM100 HM100 6 May 2017

Special Milestone. 6767 edits on this wiki

I did 6767 edits, a special milestone by A, Hope I get 7k edits soon. MarTsok 00:01, May 6, 2017 (UTC)

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Courtemanche437 Courtemanche437 22 April 2017

Important Information

I have recently finished adding new star templates and (in my humble opinion) the difficulty of getting each target score to the first 250 level pages in my fanon, in addition to nerfing some hard levels, making new episode/world pages, and organizing my fanon to make it a little neater. If you have your own difficulty ratings, please leave a comment on my pages, because your feedback is very important to me, I am personally bad at doing this on my own, and I want the most objective difficulties as possible. If you have any other suggestions, again, please feel free to let me know, as I really want to keep improving my fanon and have it be as presentable as possible. I also plan to have navboxes and improved infoboxes as well, so keep an e…

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HM100 HM100 23 March 2017

AAAAAAAA!!!!! My 6k edit is live now :P

Many congrats to users who congratulated me previously. I've got now 6k edits. Hope I reach 7K edits soon and get the platinum badge.

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Trinket9 Trinket9 26 February 2017

1000 edits!

Yes, it happened. I can't believe how fast I went from 500 to 1000 edits. This blog post is my 1000th edit. I'm very happy! Also, I came back from vacation, ready to add even more info in my fanon!

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HM100 HM100 31 January 2017

My 1st fanon reached 1000 levels!!!!!

Hello to all. I need to thank all users who helped me at making the levels. Now my 1st fanon has 1K different levels but you can only see some of them. It also have great fun of playing 1000 different levels in each year now. You can see some links here:

1000th level is now released

I have nerfed it to 35 moves and also more ingredients can be on screen. Swirls can also spawn during cascades and extra colors are added in sugar crush.

]] 20:59, January 31, 2017 (UTC)

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L819F L819F 26 January 2017

My level that spawn jelly fishes

Someone can test my level using APK Editor?? I want to see jelly fishes spawning. My APK Editor does not working properly, he don't install modded CCS.

{"gameModeName":"Light up", "chameleonCandyMax":0,"chameleonCandySpawn":0, "licoriceMax":0,"licoriceSpawn":0, "luckyCandyMax":0,"luckyCandySpawn":0, "mulockCandyMax":0,"mulockCandySpawn":0, "mysteryCandyMax":0,"mysteryCandySpawn":0, "swedishFishCandyMax":12,"swedishFishCandySpawn":0, "pepperCandyExplosionTurns":5,"pepperCandyMax":0,"pepperCandySpawn":0, "timeCandyMax":0,"timeCandySpawn":0, "moveLimit":20, "numberOfColours":6, "frogStomachSize":0, "scoreTargets":[160000,250000,420000], "portals":[], "gates":[], "episodeId":0, "levelId":0, "protocolVersion":"0.3", "randomSeed":0, "tileMap":[ …

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Trinket9 Trinket9 9 January 2017

1st birthday of my fanon!!!!

Today, on 9th January 2017, exactly a year has passed since I've first created my fanon, T9CCS.

I'm very proud of what I did here during that year, like making level pages though I wanted to give them up at least 3 times, making level images after downloading the Game Maker editor, and overhauling my fanon once, and sometimes coming on chat...

I'd like to thank all the people who were contributing to this wiki, commenting on my fanon and also a big THANK YOU to all the people who view my fanon, making it the most viewed main fanon page at Special:Insights!

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Trinket9 Trinket9 7 January 2017

Something special

Something very special is going to happen on January 9th. It's going to be celebrated with a level.

Can you guess what will it be???

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HM100 HM100 30 December 2016

Ouch!!! It was something in front of me and was actually a milestone of edits so my 5K edits are now live

It was so beautiful to have more than 4K contributions I think. And now my contributions are now 5K. Hope everyone will congratulate me who did it in the previous milestones (500, 1000, 2K, 3K, 4K). And Happy 2017 soon. MarTsok 00:37, December 30, 2016 (UTC)

Hope I also get my 6K in the next month.

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HM100 HM100 25 December 2016

HM100 - Plan it out contest

Hello. It's me again. It's time to introduce a new contest about Ball Saga. It was moved from CCS wiki

  • 1 Rules
    • 1.1 Gamepedia How works
    • 1.2 Popsicle How works
    • 1.3 Fire Candy How works
    • 1.4 Strawberry Candy Works
    • 1.5 Ampharos Candy
    • 1.6 Other rules
  • 2 Participants
  • 3 Gallery

  • Any participants who don't read carefully the image, and contain wrong elements, it will be disqualified.
  • Any other elements not listed in the image is ABSOLUTELY not allowed

See this page

  • Candies can be under it and can spawn candies in those squares. It can only be destroyed with fire candy

  • Clears a 5x5 area of any blocker

  • It contains a range of 1.5 than the normal dark purple candy, can work across boards

  • Works like dark purple candy but everything cleared will be turned into jelly fishes

  • Mixed ingr…

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HM100 HM100 22 December 2016

Super Saga Level 918 Nerfing Contest

Hello. Seems Level 918 (Super Saga) rated NI???? It's now time to nerf it. But before I actually do this, I'll give a poll.

  • Revert move count to 75:
  • Replace red or yellow candies in the fixed color layout with orange candies which never spawn:
  • Remove some layers from the icings:
  • Remove multilayered honey from the board:
  • Add Jelly Fishes on the fixed color board:

  • Please vote properly before I can do it
  • The option that has the most votes will be chosen as a nerf
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Trinket9 Trinket9 8 December 2016

500 edits!!!

Hello everyone. I'm very happy to announce that I have reached 500 edits!This is my first milestone and I will be editing more to get to 1000 edits :D

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HM100 HM100 19 November 2016

Whoopsss!!!!! Mon Ami and Admin rank in this wiki? Ready for my 4K edit? It is live for now

Uello to all. My 4k edits are now live since I joined the wiki. I hope you congratulate me about my hard work in my fanons

Also, thanks for all who congratulated me in my previous milestones (500, 1000, 2k, 3k). I hope I have many good comments now.

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HM100 HM100 15 October 2016

Greeny Greenou Greena Greene Greeni - Emerald Estate officially released

Hello to eveyone and sorry for delay due to lot of work, this is Emerald Estate, the 103rd episode of Candy Crush Super Saga.

  • 1 New things
    • 1.1 Pipeline Levels
    • 1.2 Other New things
  • 2 Dictionary
  • 3 Perfixes
  • 4 Note

One of the great addition in Super Saga after a success try of Newman Mode Saga in Do things with Newmans step by step is the Pipeline Mode levels. You need to complete each order stage by stage to pass that level. It has ) as prefix of pipeline. There're 2, 3 or 4 stages in each level. I think you won't be stuck for a long time in those levels.

  • Mystery WSwirl Cannon (Level 789) - Spawns Mystery Candies and White swirls every 2 or 3 moves
  • Coloring Candy Candy Order (Level 789) - New type of candy order
  • Lucky Candy/Swirl Canon (Level 790) - Now can sp…

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Bp101697 Bp101697 12 October 2016

Pumpkin Plateau Released

Happy Halloween. Here is the 88th episode levels. Let's rate levels now.

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HM100 HM100 8 October 2016

My Admin rank is now live - Ready to prevent even more vandalism

It's now time to become an administrator. So now I'm. You can congratulate me about my work as normal user. Now I can block the trolls, remove spam pages and locking them. I have locked some that were massively abused creation. Thanks!!! MarTsok 20:22, October 8, 2016 (UTC)

EDIT: More vandals came so I will remove vandalism instead of working on my fanons for a while. MarTsok 12:21, October 9, 2016 (UTC)

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Username5243 Username5243 4 October 2016

Somebody please block this guy

We were vandalized AGAIN!

Some guy called "Roseturnipfck" (Yes, no second U) make a bunch of random pages with there only content being numbers.

As for why these vandals always have names based on "Roseturnip (who is a good contributor and never would think of vandalizing), I don't know.

Someone should delete all these pages because I can't. (It just make me mad whenever someone vandalizes and I know I can't do anything about it and others can.)

EDIT: Looks like the vandal made a sock puppet. (You'd think vandals would've learned that they'd get blocked for that, but being the lowest form of wiki life they didn't...) Just stop vandaling. (Wikia should have a feature where a page needs to be at least 100 characters or something long to be creat…

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HM100 HM100 3 October 2016

Secret in High Moderator 100 - My 3K edit is now live

Holvou Holvou!!!! My 3K edits are now live since I joined the wiki. I hope you congratulate me about my hard work in my fanons

Also, thanks for all who congratulated me in my previous milestones (500, 1000, 2k). I hope I have many good comments now.

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