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Bonbon Baths (CCSS)
Ep39 CCSS.png
Episode Number 39
World 8
Levels 571 to 585
New features Cyan.png Pink.png
Pink.png order
Pink.png Red.png Orange.png Yellow.png Green.png Cyan.png Blue.png Purple.png levels
Candy Cannon
Regular Icing in 1-layered Chest
Chocolate Spawner in 1-layered Chest
Red.png Orange.png Yellow.png Green.png Cyan.png Blue.png Purple.png
2 to 3
Green.png Blue.png (Purple.png)
Red.png Orange.png Yellow.png Green.png Cyan.png Blue.png Purple.png DarkPurple.png

Difficulty Somewhat Hard
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White Chocolate Walls Guava Gardens

Bonbon Baths is the thirty-ninth episode of Candy Crush Sugar Saga.

New Things

  • Cyan candies (Cyan.png) and pink candies (Pink.png) are introduced. Both candies have the same caractheristics of any regular candy, but these candies can block striped candy effects when hit by them.
  • Pink.png candy order;
  • 8-colored levels.
  • Regular Icing and Chocolate Spawner appear inside in sugar chests for the first time in level 574.
  • Sugar Key + Mystery Candy cannon (Candy Cannon) is introduced.


This episode contains levels 571 to 585.

Hexagon icon.png Hardcore levels (Navy blue level is marked as Super Hard Level)
Candy Order Levels 575 Jelly Levels 580 Jelly Levels 582 Jelly Levels 585
Moves Levels Jelly Levels Ingredients Levels Candy Order Levels Chocolate levels M72 Clearing Logo.png Jelly Colour Icon (Alpha).png Jam levels Antiorder icon.png Banana levels Balance levels
2 8 2 2 1 0 - - - - -
Easiest level
Hardest level
Level Type Moves Target Score Goal Colors Notes Playable
571 Ingredients Levels Moves-50.png 1star (trans).png: 25.000 pts Hazelnut: 1   Cherry: 1 7 First level with cyan candy. X mark.svg.png
572 Moves Levels Moves-30.png 1star (trans).png: 20.000 pts 1star (trans).png: 20.000 pts 7 X mark.svg.png
573 Jelly Levels Moves-20.png 1star (trans).png: 10.000 pts Double Jelly: 41 4 Yes check.svg.png
574 Jelly Levels Moves-35.png 1star (trans).png: 200.000 pts Double Jelly: 71 6 X mark.svg.png
575 Candy Order Levels Moves-30.png 1star (trans).png: 50.000 pts Purple Candies: 100 2 Yes check.svg.png
576 Candy Order Levels Moves-45.png 1star (trans).png: 15.000 pts Color bomb (trans).png: 5   Pink Candies: 60 8 First level with eight colors and pink candy. X mark.svg.png
577 Jelly Levels Moves-30.png 1star (trans).png: 115.000 pts Double Jelly: 59 4 X mark.svg.png
578 Jelly Levels Moves-65.png 1star (trans).png: 90.000 pts Double Jelly: 45 7 X mark.svg.png
579 Ingredients Levels Moves-45.png 1star (trans).png: 20.002 pts Hazelnut: 1   Cherry: 1 8 X mark.svg.png
580 Jelly Levels Moves-55.png 1star (trans).png: 100.000 pts Single Jelly: 20   Double Jelly: 61 8 X mark.svg.png
581 Moves Levels Moves-30.png 1star (trans).png: 15.000 pts 1star (trans).png: 15.000 pts 7 X mark.svg.png
582 Jelly Levels Moves-50.png 1star (trans).png: 105.000 pts Single Jelly: 52   Double Jelly: 29 7 X mark.svg.png
583 Chocolate levels Moves-18.png 1star (trans).png: 36.000 pts Chocolate  Strawberry Chocolate 3 X mark.svg.png
584 Jelly Levels Moves-15.png 1star (trans).png: 120.000 pts Double Jelly: 48 4 X mark.svg.png
585 Jelly Levels Moves-70.png 1star (trans).png: 100.000 pts Single Jelly: 54   Double Jelly: 27 8 X mark.svg.png



  • This episode has 8 jelly levels, which is quite high number of a single level type in an episode.
  • This episode has only 2 candy order levels, which is low for fanon standards.
  • Cyan and pink candies haven't been planned to be in this fanon before.