Bonshoo Town
Episode 1
World World One(CBSO)
Levels Level 1-Level 15
Character Bonshoo, Graystoo, Onjoo
New features Moves IconLevel 1
Jelly IconLevel 6
Double soul jelly
Level 11
Difficulty Very easy
Released Unknown
Quest progression
Previous Next
Candy Bonshoo Crush Saga : Reality Bonshoo Factory

Bonshoo Town is the 1st episode of Candy Bonshoo Crush Saga.


  • Before episode : Onjoo and Bonshoo are greeted Graystoo and Onjoo's brother and sister, after, Onjoo meets Bonshoo who directs his to the first level and through the tutorials.
  • After episode : Onjoo decides to explore the world(or in this case, episodes) only to be held up by Bonshoo to be told that he is going the wrong way. As the game progresses, he helps solve the problems in each episode.

New things

  • Level 1 : Moves levels(Moves Icon)are appeared.
  • Level 6 : Soul jelly levels(Jelly Icon)are appeared.
  • Level 11 : Double soul jelly is appeared.

Tutorial levels


  • Easiest level: Level 1
  • Hardest level: Level 14


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