Episode 007

Bubblegum Fields is the seventh episode in Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga ROBT.

The champion title of this episode is currently unknown.


Before Episode

Carmel encounters the Bubblegum Troll's son. The Bubblegum Troll's son wants come candies. So, he blocks the path.

After Episode

The Bubblegum Troll's son steals Carmel's candies. Then, Carmel starts to cry. But he is picked up by the driver at Jelly Junction.

New Things

  • Level 81: Liquorice Swirls


Easiest Level: Level 93

Hardest Level: Level 87

Levels Level Type Level Difficulty
Level 81 Ingredients Icon Very Easy
Level 82 Jelly Icon Very Easy
Level 83 Candy Order Icon Medium
Level 84 Jelly Icon Easy
Level 85 Ingredients Icon Medium
Level 86 Jelly Icon Considerably Hard
Level 87 Jelly Icon Hard
Level 88 Jelly Icon Easy
Level 89 Candy Order Icon Considerably Hard
Level 90 Jelly Icon Medium
Level 91 Ingredients Icon Hard
Level 92 Jelly Icon Considerably Hard
Level 93 Timed Icon Very Easy
Level 94 Candy Order Icon Easy
Level 95 Ingredients Icon Hard
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