Cake Castle is the 5th Episode of Candy Crush Saga Olaf : (CCSO) and will contain Levels 61 - 80.

New Things

Mixed Mode Levels have been introduced in Level 62

Before Episode

The cake is stolen by the bubblegum troll and the Candy chef is crying

After Epsiode

Tiffi finds the bubblegum troll running and he is hit by a candy lampost and then Tiffi gives the cake back to the Candy Chef


Level 61 CCSO

Level 62 CCSO

Level 63 CCSO

Level 64 CCSO

Level 65 CCSO

Level 66 CCSO

Level 67 CCSO

Level 68 CCSO

69-80 TBC

Champion Title

Creative Chef

Previous Episode : Milky Mountains

Next Episode : Pudding Paddles

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