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Candy Bomb is a blocker in some Candy Crush fanons. They are appeared in original Candy Crush, so properties of them will be varied by different fanons.



  • Candy bombs have certain number counts ranging from one to any numbers. Candy bombs can only be destroyed when the player matches them with the same candy color.
  • Unlike the original Candy Crush, when bombs reach 0, it will explode, clearing all candies on the board and decreas each blocker by one layer and give to the player 3,000 points.
  • When candy bombs are inside other blockers (except liquorice locks), they won't count down until they are freed.


  • They work exactly the same as in original game, and they will count down when they're inside blockers.
  • There are 2 other bomb types, Vicious Bomb and Frosting Bomb.



  • In HM Saga (Super, Ball, Trompeta, Clock and their Κορα counterparts), they work like in saga.
  • When it reaches 0, it will explode and cause instant fail.
  • If it is in a blocker, it won't lower its move count except for the following blockers.
    • For Super:
      • Locks and Caramel (Before the December 16 Update)
      • Bubblegum Tangle
    • For Ball:
      • Locks
      • Silcooooonn Titaniym (Unreleased Blocker)
      • Bubblegum Tangle
    • For Trompeta and Clock
      • No blockers apart from Liquorice



  • The properties are the same as in the original saga. When you make a move, their number is decreased by 1.
  • When it reaches 0, it will explode the board and you will lose the game.
  • Each bomb is worth 3,000 points for removing.
  • The cake bomb explosions and conveyor shifting always happen before the bomb explodes.
  • If you complete all the goals with the same time the bomb about to explode you will not lose.
  • There is another type of candy bomb, Frosting Bomb.



  • The properties of candy bombs are the same as in Candy Crush Saga.
  • Candy bombs' fuses count down by 1 move each time a match is made, even when inside other blockers.
  • When a candy bomb's fuse reaches 0, the candy bomb explodes, causing the player to fail the level.
  • Each candy bomb removed is worth 3,000 points.
  • If a cake bomb is removed when a candy bomb's fuse reaches 0, the bomb will be removed by the cake bomb's explosion.
  • If a candy bomb reaches 0 in a level with conveyor belts, the conveyor belts will activate, and then the candy bomb will explode, if it still has not been removed.


Frosting Bombs and Vicious Bombs also appear in C437CCS.


They first appear in Level 30 (and the last level they are in is Level 1966) and they are extremely abundant. They are the fourth most abundant blocker in UCCS behind chocolate, blue chocolate and deviators. They have the same properties as of CCS, but with three differences:

  1. Bombs can be eaten by any chocolate.
  2. They never tick when they are created by seizure points or under a toffee tornado.
  3. Bombs awards points in cake bomb explosions, coconut wheel+coconut wheel, colouring candy+colour bomb and Super Sugar Crush (finishing a level with 0 moves left).

Frosting bombs appear in UCCS starting from Level 984 (they only appear in frosting levels), but vicious bombs don't appear.

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