Candy Cabin
Episode 1
World World One
Levels Level 1 to Level 15
New features Unknown
Released April 24, 2016
Episode Mean Unknown
Standard Deviation Unknown
Difficulty Very Easy
Previous Next
N/A [[Fudge Forest (CCSR)|Fudge Forest]]

Candy Cabin is the first episode of Username5243's Candy Crush Saga and the first episode of World One. It contains levels 1 to 15.

New Things

Level Types

  • Moves levels Moves Icon (Level 1) (Brief Description: Levels where you must score a number of points in a certain number of moves.)
  • Jelly levels Jelly Icon (Level 9) (Brief Description: Levels where you must clear all the jelly by matching on them.


  • Single Jelly Regular Jelly (level 9) (Brief description: The most basic type of jelly, requiring one match to break.)
  • Levels with more than one board (Level 15)


Candy Cabin contains levels 1-15.

Being intended as a tutorial, Candy Cabin is a very easy episode. Most of the levels are very easy, but there are two easy levels, 12 and 15.

Moves Icon Jelly Icon Ingredients Icon Timed Icon Candy Order Icon Chocolate levels
8 7 0 0 0 0
The easiest :
Level 1
The hardest :
Level 15
The most fun :
Level 13
Green Blue
Green Blue Orange
Orange Green Blue Purple
Red Green Blue Orange Purple
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
Red Orange Yellow Green Cyan Blue Purple
0 0 1 7 7 0

 Difficulty code summary (details here)

NoneVery EasyEasySomewhat EasyMediumSomewhat HardHardVery HardInsanely HardNearly ImpossibleVariable

 Note that goals include target score.

2 11 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 ? ?


  • This is the easiest episode in the game.
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