This fanon was remade on December 12th, 2015


Level Types

  • Jelly levels (071Jelly)
  • Ingredients levels (071Ingredients)
  • Candy order levels (071Order)
  • Timed levels (071Timed)
  • Jam levels ()
  • Mixed levels (071Mixed)
  • The Boss level ()

Fan Elements

  • Cyan Candy and Purple Jelly
  • Coloring Candy
  • Honey
  • 6-layered Icing and 7-layered Icing
  • Licorice Link
  • White Chocolate
  • Ice and 2-layered Ice
  • Wafer and Wafer Lock
  • Evil Cake

List of episodes

This fanon will have only 30 episodes (450 levels).

Candy Crush: The Caramel Kingdom Episodes
World 1 Candy ShopCandy RoadsGumdrop Grove
World 2 Chocolate Covered CastleMagic ForestLollipop Tower
World 3 Sticky Sweet SeaCandy GalaxyHoney Hills
World 4 Swiss Roll RoadsBalloon ParkBubblegum Gardens
World 5 Carrot Cake HillsSunshine ParadiseCandy Cliffs
World 6 Dark Licorice FieldsButter Rum BaySyrup Citadel
World 7 Root Beer ReefsCookie CalabooseCoco Cream Crossing
World 8 Fizzy JacuzziMystic MirrorPastry Planets
World 9 Soda Rio GrandeBubblegum TownCotton Candy Clouds
World 10 Candy CarnivalChoco Chip CavesTasty Theatre

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