Candy Crush 2 is of course, the sequel to Candy Crush, here are the worlds, and episodes.

New Elements

Jelly over an Empty Space: It is like a normal jelly, except it will have to require a special candy to break it, since it isn't reachable at all with a normal match on the board.

Double Jelly over an Empty Space: Same thing as above, except requires 2 hits to break it.

Wrapped Chocolate: Takes 3 hits to break, when broken scatters 1-6 chocolates in random places on the board, depends on color. (Red = 1, Orange = 2, Yellow = 3, Green = 4, Blue = 5, and Purple = 6.

Unpolished Candy: (Only found in Order Levels.) These candies need to be polished, unpolished ones cancel out orders, so you need to drop them into polishers.

Fans: Fans show what path candies will take on the board. If 2 or more fans are placed in close proximity, one side will need to be filled up, if 1 or more fans are turned off via switch. Or if a Pretzel Stick is switched to a certain position. Or else they are pushed in the direction of the 1st fan they hit.

Fondant: These come in 6 colors (Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, and Purple) and can only be destroyed with candies that are the color of the fondant. (Blue candies destroy Blue Fondant, and so on.)

2 Way Portals: One portal is colored orange, and the others are purple and green, the pattern on which candies enter goes like this... (Purple, Green, Purple, Green, and so on...)

Conveyors Under Blockers: Sometimes blockers can prevent conveyor belts from moving, so when you destroy the blocker, it unclogs the conveyors.

Mooncake Bomb: It is like a Birthday Cake Bomb, but only has effect on the 6 normal candies and booster candies (Like Jelly Fish, Coconut Wheels, Color Bombs, Striped Candies, and Wrapped Candies.), so it doesn't take away/damage Icing, Rainbow Candy, Mystery Candy, and other elements other than the 6 normal candies and booster candies.

Juice Poppers: It takes a random amount of hits to break, and when it breaks, it pops open with juice spraying in a 3x3 radius around it, and can cause a chain reaction with other Juice Poppers, the juice comes off in 5 moves.

Cinnamon Sticks: They are like mini empty spaces, because they are in between spaces.

Straws: Not really a new thing, it does the same thing as the straw in Candy Crush Soda Saga does, it basically lets you see the invisible portal of candies falling.

Strawberry Switch/Strawberry: Switches that can only be activated with a strawberry if it lands on the switch. Switches can change the terrain around them. Some are automatic, and switch every 1-3 moves.

Grinders: (Only in Ingredient levels.) If an ingredient lands in a grinder, it is chopped up, halts progress a lot. Shredded ingredients will always respawn as new ingredients after they are chopped.


Get ready for Tiffi's return and a new game with some new things, the 1st 5 episodes will be released in late November. (Posted 10/25/14)

Something happened with the candy-time continuum, so it's now pushed to late December. (Posted 11/17/14)


World 1

Episode Name Levels Episode # New Things

Tasty Tutorial Station



Moves Levels, Jelly Levels, Boss Levels, and Icing (unofficial)
Candy City


2 Icing (official), Double Jelly
Frosting Facility


3 Ingredients Levels, Timed Levels
Cape Cookie


4 Liquorice Locks
Parfait Park


5 Chocolate
Glazed Glen


6 Portals

World 2

Episode Name Levels Episode # New Things
Vanilla Valley 61-75


Liquorice Swirls

Marshmallow Mountains

76-90 8 Candy Bombs

Sundae Ski Lodge



2-Layer Icing

Rock Candy Mines

106-120 10 Candy Order Levels

Frankenberry Forest

121-135 11 3-Layer Icing

Tiramisu Terrace

135-150 12 Chocolate Fountain

World 3

Episode Name Levels Episode # New Things

Ice Pop Inlet

151-165 13 4-Layer Icing

Mousse Machair

166-180 14 Marmalade (Striped Candy), Marmalade (Wrapped Candy)

Apple Archipelago

181-200 15 Marmalade (Color Bomb)

Watermelon Waterfall

201-215 16 Dispenser (Liquorice Swirls)

Strawberry Skies

216-230 17 Mystery Eggs

Sugary Shop

231-245 18 Marmalade (Coconut Wheel) Marmalade (Jelly Fish)

World 4

Episode Name Levels Episode # New Things

Waffle Warehouse

246-260 19 Dispenser (Candy Bombs)

Popcorn Photobooth

261-275 20 5-Layer Icing

Toffee Taiga

276-290 21 Cinnamon Sticks

Unicorn University

291-305 22 Rainbow Candy

Juicy Jungle

306-320 23 Strawberry Switches

Soda Suite

321-335 24 Jelly (over Empty Spaces)

World 5

Episode Name Levels

Episode #

New Things
Crunchy Cliff 336-350 25 Fans
Pastel Party 351-365 26 Cake Bombs
Sherbet Ship 366-380 27
Caramel Construction Site 381-395 28

Blocker Levels, Blocker Orders in Candy Order Levels

Red Velvet Volcano 396-410 29
Snickerdoodle Strait 411-425 30 Toffee Tornado

World 6

Episode Name Levels Episode # New Things
Granny Smith Garden 426-440 31
Breakfast Brook 441-455 32
Hazelnut Hills 456-470 33
Lolipop Lagoon 471-495 34 Conveyor Belts
Bundt Cake Butte 496-510 35
Praline Plateau 511-525 36

World 7

Episode Name Levels Episode # New Things
Raspberry Reef 526-540 37 Wrapped Chocolate (Red)
Orange Creme Ocean 541-555 38 Wrapped Chocolate (Orange)
Banana Backyard 556-570 39 Wrapped Chocolate (Yellow)
Sour Shoal 571-585 40 Wrapped Chocolate (Green)
Marscapone Marine 586-600 41 Wrapped Chocolate (Blue)
Chocolate Chip Chambers 601-615 42 Wrapped Chocolate (Purple)

World 8

Episode Name Levels Episode # New Things
Candy Corn Corner 616-630 43
Cola Canal 631-645 44 Unpolished Candy, Polishers
Macaroon Market 646-660 45 Frogs
Fiendish Furnace 661-675 46 2-Way Portals
Raisin Ravine 676-690 47 Fondant
Sugarplum Seas 691-705 48

World 9

Episode Name Levels Episode # New Things
Doughnut Desert 706-720 49 Grinders
White Chocolate House 721-735 50
Champagne Chasm 736-750 51
Ambrosia Amusement Park 751-765 52 Sugar Chests
Pastry Plains 766-780 53 Mooncake Bomb
Butterscotch Beach 781-795 54

World 10

Episode Name Levels Episode # New Things
Buttercream Bay 796-810 55 Juice Poppers
Ginger Ale Grotto 811-825 56
Root Beer River 826-840 57
Honeycomb Highlands 841-855 58 UFOs
Spicy Spire 856-870 59
Nougat Neighborhood 871-885 60

World 11

Episode Name Levels Episode # New Things
Candy Cane Castle 886-900 61
Coconut Canyon 901-915 62
Carrot Cake Caverns 916-930 63
Panna Cotta Cottage 931-945 64
Biscotti Bulwark 946-960 65 Evil Spawner
Damson Dalles 961-975 66
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