Candy Crush 811's Saga is a fanon created by Lucas8111999. This fanon was created on December 10, 2015.

CC811 currently has 44 episodes and 650 levels.


Tiffi joins a new adventure, exploring new places and kingdoms.

Candy Colors

Colors 1st level
Level ???
Green Blue
Level 57
Green Blue Orange
Level 15
Orange Green Blue Purple
Level 8
Red Green Blue Orange Purple
Level 3
Red Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
Level 1
Red Orange Yellow Green Cyan Blue Purple
Level 216
Pink Red Orange Yellow Green Cyan Blue Purple
Level 223
Pink Red Orange Yellow Green Cyan Blue Purple DarkPurple
Level 528

*n this game, candies are excluded according to the number of colors almost the same way as the original game. However, every world (Reality, Dreamworld), the candies which are excluded will be change.

Reality: Blue - green - orange - purple - red - yellow: are the order.

Dreamworld: Purple - blue - green - yellow - orange - red are the order.

Special world: Yellow - blue - orange - purple - green - red are the order.

*Special world are unlocked by episodes, if you completed all levels in the determined episode with two stars or more.

*Note: Cyan and pink candies does not undergo these changes because they are introduced later.

Elements that are not present in the original game:

See: Fan elements (CC811)

Level Types

Icon Type 1st level Objective
Moves Icon Moves Level 1 Reach the target score in a certain number of moves.
Jelly Icon Jelly Level 5 Clear all the jelly on the board.
Ingredients Icon Ingredient Level 11 Drop down all the required ingredients.
Timed Icon Timed Level 20 Reach the target score in a time limit.
Candy Order Icon Candy Order Level 81 Complete all the orders in a certain number of moves.
Chocolate levels Chocolate Level 111 Clear all the chocolate on board.
Caramel icon Caramel Level 351 Spread all the caramel on the board, like jam levels in Candy Crush Soda Saga.
M72 Blocker Logo Blocker Level 546 You need to destroy all removable blockers presents in the board.
Mixed Level Mixed Level 788 Complete multiple objecitves in same level. Clearing jellies, bringing ingredients, etc...
M72 Reverse Order Logo Anti-Order Level 1001 In these levels, you do not collect candies in the order list. Otherwise, you automatically fail the level.
CCJS Cereal level type Cereal Level 1216 Spread the milk to collect cereal. The milk works like the water in Diamond Digger Saga.
Energy icon Energy Level 1411 Create cake explosions by matching candies on energy tiles.


Name Levels Types New Things Notes
1 Candy Town (CC811) 1-10 5Moves Icon 5Jelly Icon Moves IconJelly Icon
2 Fudge Factory 11-20 1Moves Icon4Jelly Icon4Ingredients Icon1Timed Icon Ingredients IconTimed Icon
3 Vanilla Dome (CC811) 21-35 2Moves Icon6Jelly Icon4Ingredients Icon3Timed Icon Regular Icing  Marmalade blank  Locked Candies  2-Layer Icing  3-layered meringue
4 Chocolate Cliffs (CC811) 36-50 2Moves Icon6Jelly Icon5Ingredients Icon2Timed Icon Chocolate  4-Layer Meringue  Locked chocolate
5 Donut Plains (CC811) 51-65 3Moves Icon5Jelly Icon4Ingredients Icon3Timed Icon Teleporter35 meringue
6 Jujube Jungle (CC811) 66-80 2Moves Icon7Jelly Icon4Ingredients Icon2Timed Icon Licorice-swirl  Locked Licorice Swirl Jelly Fish Blue
7 Holiday Hut (CC811) 81-95 1Moves Icon2Jelly Icon1Ingredients Icon1Timed Icon10Candy Order Icon Candy Order Icon
8 Minty Moon (CC811) 96-110 5Moves Icon4Jelly Icon1Ingredients Icon1Timed Icon4Candy Order Icon 10-moves Bomb
9 Chocolate Caves (CC811) 111-125 1Moves Icon2Jelly Icon1Ingredients Icon2Candy Order Icon9Chocolate levels Chocolate levels 1st to have noTimed Icon.
10 Marshmallow Mania (CC811) 126-140 1Moves Icon4Jelly Icon3Ingredients Icon2Timed Icon2Candy Order Icon3Chocolate levels Coconut WheelPinkLucky
11 Strawberry Slopes (CC811) 141-155 4Jelly Icon3Ingredients Icon1Timed Icon3Candy Order Icon4Chocolate levels Strawberry Chocolate new Locked Strawberry Chocolate 1st to have no Moves Icon
12 Popcorn Plaza (CC811) 156-170 1Moves Icon4Jelly Icon3Ingredients Icon1Timed Icon3Candy Order Icon3Chocolate levels Chocolate Fountain Strawberry Chocolate Spawner
Locked chocolate spawner
13 Licorice Lagon (CC811) 171-185 2Moves Icon4Jelly Icon3Ingredients Icon1Timed Icon3Candy Order Icon2Chocolate levels Double Lock
14 Caramel Coast (CC811) 186-200 Moves IconJelly IconIngredients IconTimed IconCandy Order IconChocolate levels Double Marmalade
15 Icing Island (CC811) 201-215 Moves IconJelly IconIngredients IconTimed IconCandy Order IconChocolate levels UFO (Unofficially)
16 Jelly Jail (CC811) 216-230 Moves IconJelly IconIngredients IconTimed IconCandy Order IconChocolate levels Cyan Pink
17 Tiramisù Tower (CC811) 231-245 Jelly IconIngredients IconTimed IconCandy Order IconChocolate levels PinkMystery
18 Toffee Tempest (CC811) 246-260 Moves IconJelly IconIngredients IconCandy Order IconChocolate levels Toffee
19 Sweet Soccer (CC811) 261-275 Jelly IconIngredients IconTimed IconCandy Order IconChocolate levels Whitechocolate1  White Chocolate Spawner
20 Honey Horizon (CC811) 276-290 Moves IconJelly IconIngredients IconTimed IconCandy Order IconChocolate levels Coloring Candy Blue
21 Rocky Road Ravine (CC811) 291-305 Moves IconJelly IconIngredients IconTimed IconCandy Order IconChocolate levels PurpleIcing
22 Rainbow Road (CC811) 306-320 Moves IconJelly IconIngredients IconTimed IconCandy Order IconChocolate levels Rainbow Bomb
23 Rice Rivers (CC811) 321-335 8Jelly Icon2Ingredients Icon2Timed Icon2Candy Order Icon1Chocolate levels Triple Jelly
24 Pudding Pier (CC811) 336-350 1Moves Icon5Jelly Icon4Ingredients Icon3Candy Order Icon2Chocolate levels Cake Bomb
25 Taffy Tropics (CC811) 351-365 1Moves Icon2Timed Icon2Candy Order Icon10Caramel icon Caramel icon 1st to have no Jelly IconIngredients IconChocolate levels.
26 Delicious Depths (CC811) 366-380 1Moves Icon4Jelly Icon3Ingredients Icon1Timed Icon2Candy Order Icon 1Chocolate levels3Caramel icon Jelly Tube
27 Kiwi Keep (CC811) 381-395 4Jelly Icon 2Ingredients Icon 1Timed Icon 5Candy Order Icon1Chocolate levels2Caramel icon Blocker Order
28 Mousse Museum (CC811) 396-410 5Jelly Icon3Ingredients Icon4Candy Order Icon3Caramel icon Icing6 7-layered Icing Orders for candies that don't spawn on the board (406).
29 Sausage Shores (CC811) 411-425 Toffee-Tornado 8-layered Icing
30 Halzenut Highlands (CC811) 426-440 Candy Crusher
31 Marvelous Marshland (CC811) 441-455 Sugar Chest  Two-layered Sugar Chest  Three-layered Sugar Chest  Four-layered Sugar Chest  Five-layered Sugar Chest Sugar Key.
32 Fudge Forest (CC811) 456-470 Fudge New
33 Froyo Fields (CC811) 471-485 Conveyor (trans)
34 Dessert Desert (CC811) 486-500 Purplejelly
35 Brûlée Bayou (CC811) 501-515 GreenFrogPC
36 Amazing Alps (CC811) 516-530 Bubblegum Bubblegumspawner
37 Raspberry Reef (CC811) 531-545 Ice CC811 and Hardened Ice
38 Delightful Dunes (CC811) 546-560 M72 Blocker Logo
39 Chocopolis (CC811) 561-575
40 Peppermint Planet (CC811) 576-590 UFO
41 Firework Fiesta (CC811) 591-605 Golden Coconut Wheel
42 Syrupy Sea (CC811) 606-620 Mint MintV 2-layered Mint 3-layered Mint
43 Oatmeal Oasis (CC811) 621-635 Flowarrow
44 Rambunctious Refinery (CC811) 636-650 Metal Box
45 Fizzy Falls (CC811) 651-665 Jawbreaker
46 Licorice Lair (CC811) 666-680 WhiteLicorice UFO order.
47 Salty Shores (CC811) 681-695 Popcorn blocker Order.
48 Ludicrous Lane (CC811) 696-710 Jelly Cake
49 Delectable Dale (CC811) 711-725 Dead Zone
50 Mysterious Mansion (CC811) 726-740 Mystery UFO
51 Exciting Explosion (CC811) 741-755 Candy Bomb UFO
52 Funny Factory (CC811) 756-770 RedLicorice
53 Cupcake Canyon (CC811) 771-785 Cupcake1  Cupcake2  Cupcake3
54 Playful Prairie (CC811) 786-800 Mixed Level
55 Radiant Resort (CC811) 801-820 Cupcake4 Starts a trend of episodes with 20 levels
56 Jelly Jym (CC811) 821-840 Blue Jelly
57 Guava Gardens (CC811) 841-860 Jelly UFOJelly Fish UFOCupcake5
58 Milk Moor (CC811) 861-880 Black Box
59 Swirly Savanna (CC811) 881-900 Super Toffee Tornado
60 Magic Machines (CC811) 901-920 Toffeetornadospawner
61 921-940 4DRocketB
62 941-960 Licorice Cane
63 961-980 Evil Spawner
64 Frostburn Fortress 981-1000 Sugar Tornado
65 1001-1020 M72 Reverse Order Logo
66 1021-1040 Bobber
67 1041-1060 Jelly spawner
68 1061-1080
69 1081-1100
70 1101-1120
71 1121-1140
72 1141-1160
73 1161-1180
74 1181-1200
75 1201-1220
76 1221-1240
77 1241-1260
78 1261-1280
79 1281-1300
80 1301-1320
81 1321-1335 Breaks the trend of episodes with 20 levels
82 1336-1350
83 1351-1365
84 1366-1380
85 1381-1395
86 1396-1410
87 1411-1425 CCJS Cereal level type
88 1426-1440
??? Fudge Disco 3985-4000

List of levels per type


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