Candy Crush Big Saga is a fan game created by Paul Campos. It was released on July 2nd, 2018.

Level Types

Candy Crush Big Saga has 22 types of levels currently.

Level Type Icon
Moves Levels
Jelly Levels
Jelly Icon
Ingredients Levels
Ingredients Icon

Time Levels

Timed Icon
Order Levels
Candy Order Icon
Mixed Levels
Mixed iconl
Soda Levels
Soda Icon1

Frosting Levels

Frosting levels
Bubble Level
Bubble Icon
Chocolate Level
Honey Levels

BubbleGum Level

Bubblegum Icon
Jam Level
Jam icon
Fizz Level
Fizz Icon
Clearing Level
M72 Clearing Logo
Cereal Levels
CCJS Cereal level type
Fireworks Levels
TTS Firework
Banana Levels
Banana icon
Jelly Level¨
Pink Jelly icon
Puffler Levels
Puffler levels icon
Monkling Levels
Monkling levels icon
Survival Levels
Survival levels CCJS

Candy Colours 

  • 8-colour levels: 
  • 7-colour levels: 
  • 6-colour levels: 
  • 5-colour levels: 
  • 4-colour levels: 
  • 3-colour levels: 


The history is similar to the original game, but has more types of levels and features of Candy Crush Soda Saga and Candy Crush Jelly Saga.


Every level, there is a color coding on the Infobox to tell you the difficulty. The difficulty part in the infobox section also tells you how the difficulty is on a scale from 0 to 9. Below is the meaning of the difficulty:

0: None (White)

1: Very Easy (Cyan)

2: Easy (Teal)

3: Somewhat Easy (Dark Green)

4: Medium (Yellow)

5: Somewhat Hard (Orange)

6: Hard (Red)

7: Very Hard (Maroon)

8: Extremely Hard (Black)

9: Nearly Impossible (Midnight Blue)

D: Impossible (Grey)

R: Variable (Purple)

Boosters and Charms 

Lollipop Hammer Lollipop Hammer
Striped Lollipop Hammer Striped Lollipop Hammer Icon
Wrapped Lollipop Hammer Wrapped Lollipop Hammer Icon
Color Bomb Lollipop Hammer Color Bomb Lollipop
Free Switch Free Switch
Sweet Teeth Sweet Teeth
Bomb Cooler Bomb Cooler
Bubblegum Troll Booster bubblegum troll

Jelly Fish Booster Jelly Fish

Color Bomb Booster Color Bomb
Striped and Wrapped Booster Striped and Wrapped
Coconut Wheel Booster Coconut Wheel
Lucky Candy Booster Lucky Candy
Shuffle Shuffle2
Extra Time 
Booster extra time
Coloring Candy 
Coloring Candy Blue
Party Popper Party Popper Booster
Striped Brush  
Booster Striped Brush
Charm Descripcion
Charm of Stripes  
Booster Striped Brush
Use the striped brush once per game.
Charm of Frozen Time 
Congela tiempo
Time stands still when pondering in Timed Levels
Charm of Lives 
3 vidas
Increases maximum lives to 8
Charm of Sugar Crush 

Get sugar crush before you finish the game,  This can help you when you falate something but the movements you lack and you have special candies on the board to activate them and complete the level.


The toffee tornado exists in this game.

Charms also exist in this game, but it are available to be purchased with gold bars.

At the moment the extra levels in each episode will be mandatory to go to the next episode, then it will be corrected and they will be optional.

Dreamworld exists in this game.

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