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Welcome to Candy Crush Earth Saga! My goal is to make sure that every episode has at least one new feature! I have got loads of ideas on paper (for about 220 episodes). This game will be less pay-to-win than the original candy crush. Also, new level types are introduced every 300-600 levels, so the game would be interesting.

In this game, only candies spawn from the top of the board only (unless mentioned in the notes section). +5 second candies also spawn in timed levels every 5 cascades unless mentioned.

Coloring candies are not present in this fanon. Jelly Fish cannot be created in a 2x2 square as well. The main page reform is delayed and the creator of this fanon is focusing on making more levels.  

Currently I have no plans to make APK editor codes (despite having the ability to, it does take me a lot of effort, I only made the code of Level 114 to check its difficulty) but if anyone is interested to, you can surely help!

NOTE - Please read my profile page regarding my temporary semi-inactivity from March - April 2020.

The Present Statistics

  • This fanon currently has 135 levels in 9 episodes in Reality.
  • There are five level types so far, but many more are planned to be added.
  • Most fun level - Level 131 - Easy
  • Hardest Moves Levels Level - Level 120 - Hard
  • Hardest Jelly Levels Level - Level 99 - Very Hard
  • Hardest Ingredients Levels Level -
  • Hardest Timed Levels Level - Level 52 - Medium
  • Hardest Chocolate levels Level - Level 89 - Considerably Hard
  • Level with most spaces -
  • Level with least spaces -
  • Number of levels with multiple boards -
  • Level with most moves -
  • Level with most time -
  • Levels with most ingredients -

Hardest Levels Poll - Levels must be at least Very Hard to make it to the poll. If more than 70% of the votes cross Insanely Hard, the level will be rated Insanely Hard.

  1. Level 99 - Jelly Levels - Very Hard - 67% votes
  2. Level 135 - Jelly Levels - Very Hard - 59% votes
  3. Level 86 - Jelly Levels - Very Hard - 43% votes


04.03.2020 - Icing Isles (Levels 121 to 135) released!


1 life regenerates every 30 minutes. Maximum of 6 lives.

The maximum lives can be increased to 12 with a charm bought for 99 gold. (Permanent)

The counting for the time starts when the level is started, not when the level is failed.

Level Types


Level Type Image Objective First Level Occurance Notes and Trivia Music Played Color for mixed levels
Moves Moves Levels Reach the target score within the moves (use up all your moves) 1 Very Rare. Moves / Jelly music of web Cannot be mixed
Jelly Jelly Levels Clear all the jelly. 6 Common, 5-7 per episode. Jelly can have 1 or 2 layers (very high episodes can have 3). Also, coloured jelly and layered coloured jelly can be present, which can only be removed by candies of its colour. Moves / Jelly level music of web
Ingredients Ingredients Levels Bring down all the ingredients to the exits. 16 Common, 3-5 per episode There are 2 main ingredients - Cherries and Hazelnuts. Few levels have some special ingredients with special properties Ingr. music of web
Timed Timed Levels Reach the target score on time (use up all the time) 30 Rare, 0-2 per episode. +5 seconds candies come out every 5 cascades. High levels can have +3, +10, +15 and +30 candies as well. Note that +5 candies cannot spawn in some levels which will be shown in notes section. Timed level music of web
Chocolate Chocolate levels Clear all the chocolate 76 They are common in early episodes but they are extremely rare in high episodes due to the introduction of Blocker-removal candy order levels. Chocolate can come in various flavors, like brown, white, strawberry, etc. Also, in levels with chocolate spawner, you must clear all the chocolate but not the spawner. Jelly saga Jelly levels music Can not be mixed due to phasing out.
Candy Order Candy Order Levels Collect all the candy orders. 181 Common, 3-5 per episode There can be upto 5 orders. After 481, "All" orders are introduced, where you need to remove all of the item, like chocolate which can multiply. Candy Order Music of Web
Caramel Caramel levels Spread the caramel ??? Medium, 1-3 per episode. In some levels, you only need to spread it to a specific area and not all. Jelly Saga - Jelly levels music
Soda Soda levels Open all the soda bottles to rise soda level! ??? Rare, 0-1 per episode. Soda can come in 3 colors like in Soda Saga Candy Crush Soda Saga Music

Many more level types to come!   

Sugar cube (Sugar Cube.png) - TBD.   


Dreamworld shall be created after Level 300 is finished and it shall consist of 665 levels, a reference to the original game. You can unlock Dreamworld after finishing Level 180 (World 1). In Dreamworld, the levels will have either 5 or 6 colors and have Moon Scale and Moon Struck. After the end of each episode, instead of a ticket pod, there will be a tent that rewards the player any 3 boosters found in the booster wheel. The first episode shall have Levels from 6 to 20. The first five levels serve as an formal introduction to moon scale and moon struck as and such shall not be a part of any episode. After finishing the fifth level, a short cutscene will be played showing Tiffi falling asleep. After the end of Dreamworld each world in Reality shall have 8 episodes rather than 12.

The music played will be the same for all level types, and it will be the original music of the dreamworld. The Moon Struck music will also be copied from the original CCS.

In the code the levels shall be numbered negative (e.g. as shown as game maker, e.g. -665 or -86) but there shall be no level 0 as such number is reserved for event levels in the code.

All levels types shall be present in Dreamworld except Timed levels. After Dreamworld ends, Balance Levels (which work the same as Dreamworld) will be added to Reality. Any player who finishes the Dreamworld shall get a double reward from Daily Booster Wheel.


Many events take place every month and last 20 to 40 days each. They can be collecting candies, color bombs, getting stars and more. There are rewards. These take place either independently or in groups of some players. Here is a list of events. They started with release of Levels 51 and 52:

  • 21st December 2019 to 31st January 2020 (00:00 GMT): Rocket Driver's Rocket Contest: Get Fuel (Yellow Candies) for the rocket. It takes place in groups of 90 people. Prizes: Collecting 500 Yellow candies = 1 Lollipop Hammer. 1st Place in the group on 31st January: 100 Gold Bars. 2nd Place: 90 Gold Bars. 3rd Place: 75 Gold Bars. 4th place: 60 gold bars, 5th place: 45 gold bars, 6th place: 30 gold bars, 7th place: 15 gold bars, 8th place: 10 gold bars, 9th place: 8 gold bars, 10th place: 5 Gold Bars, 11th through 25th place: 3 gold bars.
  • 1st February to 29th February 2020: A Bubbly Trap! - Play a level to earn as many colour bombs as you can. If you collect above 150 Booster Color Bomb.png, you get 1 Gold Bar per day. If you collect 300 Booster Color Bomb.png, you get 2 Gold Bar and so on.


These events shall take place all the time, and are repeating, I.e. occur every alternate month. They are copied from CCS. Two or more of these events can take place at once. So far only two of these events are added. Those in bold are ongoing as of February 2020.

  • Daily Booster Wheel (occurs every day)
  • Dexter's Delight (Occur every alternate month)


The main currency in the game is gold Gold Bar. Sugar drops are also present as a secondary currency.

3 copies of all boosters are received on unlocking a booster except +3 moves which are only obtainable from friends. Friends can send +3 extra moves booster and Tickets to the player.

The boosters which are unlocked in World 1 are: (More boosters like Lucky Candy, UFO, and Party pooper will be unlocked)

Boosters used in-level:-

  1. Lollipop Hammer Lollipop Hammer.png - Level 6
  2. Striped Lollipop HammerStriped Lollipop Hammer Icon.png - Level 8
  3. Wrapped Lollipop HammerWrapped Lollipop Hammer Icon.png - Level 17
  4. Free SwitchFree Switch.png - Level 26
  5. Colour Bomb HammerColor Bomb Lollipop.png - Level 32
  6. Sweet TeethSweet Teeth.png - Level 63
  7. Shuffle Shuffle2.png- Level 92
  8. Bomb Cooler (+5)Bomb Cooler.png - Level 107
  9. Bubblegum TrollBooster bubblegum troll.png - Level 137
  10. Extra Moves (+5) - Level 11 / Extra Time (+15) - Level 30 - Exclusive to Timed level

Boosters used outside the level:-

  1. Striped + Wrapped CandyBooster Striped and Wrapped.png - Level 5
  2. Color BombBooster Color Bomb.png - Level 4
  3. Jelly FishBooster Jelly Fish.png - Level 13 - Exclusive to Jelly Levels and Chocolate Levels
  4. Coconut Wheel - Booster Coconut Wheel.pngLevel 22 - Exclusive to Ingredient Levels
  5. Extra Time - Level 30 - Exclusive to Timed Levels
  6. The charm of Frozen Time (Costs 99 Gold Bar)
  7. +3 Moves - Gift from a friend if stuck in a level for more than 48 hours.

Daily Booster Wheel

You can get 1 booster a day, using the daily booster wheel. However, more boosters can be earnt through gold bars. More boosters are added as the Player changes worlds. This is unlocked after finishing first episode. The player gets 50 free gold bars Gold Bar.

Here is the daily booster wheel's probability for : (Lucky Candy and some other boosters will be added later)

Booster Striped and Wrapped.png 16.58% 14.21%
Booster Color Bomb.png 16.58% 14.21%
Booster Jelly Fish.png 16.58% 14.21%
Booster Coconut Wheel.png 16.58% 14.21%
Shuffle2.png 0% 14.21%
Free Switch.png 16.58% 14.21%
Lollipop Hammer.png 16.58% 14.21%
Booster Lucky Candy.png Not present Not present
Jackpot (x3 of all above boosters) 0.52% 0.53%
More (TBA)

Currency and Price

Currency and Price

The main currency is gold. It can be earnt:

  1. By Buying
  2. By Playing Sugar Drop mode (An average of 1-2 gold bars per round of 150 drops)
  3. Completing certain events events.
  4. Finishing dreamworld episodes.

Cost of Gold

Gold Bars Cost Economy (Gold Bars per dollar)
10 Gold Bar $0.29 33.33
50 Gold Bar $0.89 55.55
100 Gold Bar $1.49 66.67
250 Gold Bar $2.99 83.33
500 Gold Bar $5.49 90.91
1000 Gold Bar $9.99 100
Beginners Pack (3x All boosters and 50 Gold Bar) $5.99
Lollipop Pack (x10 All types of lollipop and 25 Gold Bar) $2.99

Uses of Gold

  1. Tickets (from episode 2 onwards) - 1 Gold Bar per friend. (3 or 2 or 1)
  2. Second Daily Booster Wheel Spin - 5 Gold Bar
  3. Charm of Frozen Time - 99 Gold Bar
  4. Charm of Lives (Max. 15 lives) - 99 Gold Bar
  5. Refill Lives - 3 Gold Bar
  6. Infinite Lives - (a) 2 Hours - 19 Gold Bar (d) 6 Hours - 49 Gold Bar
Booster x1 x3 x6 x9 x18
Lollipop Hammer 9 Gold Bar 27 Gold Bar 49 Gold Bar
Striped Lollipop 13 Gold Bar 39 Gold Bar 69 Gold Bar
Wrapped Lollipop 13 Gold Bar 39 Gold Bar 69 Gold Bar
Color Bomb Lollipop 19 Gold Bar 49 Gold Bar 99 Gold Bar
Free Switch 9 Gold Bar 27 Gold Bar 49 Gold Bar
Bomb Cooler 9 Gold Bar
Sweet Teeth 79 Gold Bar 129 Gold Bar 199 Gold Bar
Bubblegum Troll 39 Gold Bar 69 Gold Bar 99 Gold Bar
Shuffle 3 Gold Bar
Extra Moves (+5) 9 Gold Bar
Extra Time (+15) 9 Gold Bar
Striped + Wrapped 9 Gold Bar 27 Gold Bar 49 Gold Bar
Jelly Fish 13 Gold Bar 39 Gold Bar 69 Gold Bar
Coconut Wheel 19 Gold Bar 49 Gold Bar 89 Gold Bar
Color Bomb 9 Gold Bar 27 Gold Bar 49 Gold Bar

NOTE FOR EXTRA TIME Can be activated both inside and outside the level. +5 moves however, can only be activated inside the level and +3 can be activated outside.

Booster Packs

Booster Packs

1. Regular Booster Packs offered in Rocket Shop after Rocket Sweet Home

Name of Pack Boosters Contained Price (Gold)
Charm of Lives - 99 Gold Bar
Charm of Frozen Time - 99 Gold Bar
Jackpot x3 Lollipop Hammers

x3 Free Switches

x3 Striped + Wrapped

x3 Jelly Fish

x3 Coconut Wheel

x3 Lucky Candy

x3 Color Bomb

59 Gold Bar
Lollipop Hammers x3 Lollipop Hammers

x3 Striped Lollipops

x3 Wrapped Lollipops

x3 Color Bomb Lollipops

49 Gold Bar
Small Sweet Box x6 Lollipop Hammers

x6 Free Switches

29 Gold Bar
Large Sweet Box x24 Lollipop Hammers

x24 Free Switches

99 Gold Bar
Bomb Diffusing Kit x3 Bomb Coolers

x3 Lollipop Hammers

29 Gold Bar
Ingredient Clearing Kit x3 Striped Lollipops

x6 Free Switches

x3 Coconut Wheel

49 Gold Bar
Chocolate Eating Kit x3 Sweet Teeth

x3 Bubblegum Troll

99 Gold Bar
Bombacious Fishes x6 Color Bombs

x6 Jelly Fish

29 Gold Bar
Lucky Times x3 Lucky Candy

x3 Extra Time

x3 Bomb Cooler

49 Gold Bar

2. Packs offered on Failing a non anti-order level due to lack of moves (Quantity does not apply for extra moves) (In timed levels, +15 sec, +45 sec, +120 sec)

Fail # Booster 1 Booster 2 Booster 3 Booster 4 Qty. Price (Gold)
1 +5 Moves x1 9
2 +5 Moves Striped+Wrapped x1 12
3 +5 Moves Striped+Wrapped Color Bomb x1 15
4 +5 Moves Striped+Wrapped Color Bomb Level Booster Candy x1 19
5 +5 Moves Striped+Wrapped Color Bomb Level Booster Candy x2 29
6 +15 Moves Striped+Wrapped Color Bomb Level Booster Candy x2 39
7+ +50 Moves Striped+Wrapped Color Bomb Level Booster Candy x2 59

3. Failing due to bomb

Same as above, but bomb cooler instead of +5 Moves

4. When moves >5 and bomb explodes OR When bomb >5 and moves over.

Extra Moves and Bomb cooler both are offered but cost is increased by 10 Gold

  • Note: Unlike normal candy crush, in this fanon, three +5 moves boosters are given when they are unlocked and you can use all three in a single level,for a total of 15 moves. However, there is no other way of having more than two +5 moves boosters at once. (One is maximum and only can be bought by gold)

Level Booster Candies

Moves LevelsTimed Levels None
Jelly LevelsCaramel levels

Chocolate levels Soda levels

Jelly Fish
Ingredients Levels Coconut Wheel
Candy Order Levels Lucky Candy (Normal Orders)

Jelly Fish (Blocker Orders)


Each Level has a 1-star, a 2-star, and a 3-star score. You must reach the one-star score to win, and unlike the original game, your score is not boosted on finishing the objective.

In each episode, the person with most stars gets a champion title.

The following is how points are scored:

Image Conditions Score Earnt Score if white candy is used
Blue.png A candy destroyed 60 90
[[File:3_match.png|center|120px]] A match of 3 60 90
[[File:4_match.png|center|160px]] A match of 4 120 180
[[File:5_match.png|center|200px]] A match of 5 200 300
N/A A match of 6 to 9. 300, 420, 560, 720 450, 630, 810, 1080
N/A Cascade Add 60 per match. Add 90 per match.
[[File:Striped_blue_h.png|center]] Striped candy blast.  60 points x candies removed 90 points x candies removed
[[File:Wrapped_Candy_blue.png|center]] Wrapped candy explosion. 540 points 810 points
Using a colour bomb (Sum of candies score) x (Number of candies destroyed) 2.25 x (Sum of candies score) x Number of candies
Candy Bomb 3000 4500
Icing 20 per layer 30 per layer
Chocolate 20 30
Marmalade 20 30
Liquorice Locks 0 0
Liquorice Swirl 20 30
Jelly Removed 1000 per layer 1500 per layer
Ingredient Collected 10000 10000
Chocolate in Chocolate level 1000 1500

Sugar Drop Mode

The level in which you play is marked Sugar Drop. Some other levels (specifically 3 per episode) are marked Sugar Drop too. You can play those levels to earn sugar drops (Similar to the original game). Once you collect 20, 50, 80, 110, 150 sugar drops, you can get 1,2,2,2,3 rewards respectively. There is equal chance of each reward: Striped+Wrapped, Jelly Fish, Coconut Wheel, Free Switch, Lollipop Hammer, 1 Gold Bar (More to be added)o. The cool down is 8 hours or 4 hours or 12 hours (randomly decided)Level Boards

Most levels have 1 board, but few levels can have multiple. The first (and currently only) such level is level 10.

Also, nothing but regular candies, extra-time candies (only spawn once every 5 cascades) and ingredients can spawn if there isn't a dispenser for that (e.g. candy bombs will never spawn in a level without candy bomb dispensers). Unless mentioned, all candies spawn only on the top row of the board. If they can spawn elsewhere or cannot spawn in some locations, it is marked in the Notes section in each episode.

Toffee tornadoes can be removed permanently and every move they leave a crack for 1 move.

Unless teleporters are present, a candy cannot go through a gap. Only candies can move diagonally. For example in Level 35, after the icing underneath the void in the centre column 2nd row is removed and the marmalade of striped candy is removed, the striped candy won't move underneath the void. Only candies in column 4 and 6 fill column 5 diagonally falling at row 2 into row 3. (Fun fact - The original 5 layer icing of the old version was inserted for the striped candy not to fall down. However, a void was better at this purpose)

Special Candies and Combos

Special Candies and Combos

The following special candies are available (More might be added):

Special Candy Effect Creation Does it have a color?
Striped2 (trans).png Removes all candies in the row/column based on direction of creation The direction is same as the direction of switch where the candy is formed. 4 candies in a row/column Yes
Wrapped2 (trans).png Removes all the candies in 3x3 area around it, twice 5 or more candies consisting of 2 perpendicular matches of 3 intersecting (i.e. L,T or + shape) Yes
Color bomb (trans).png Clears all candies in a color. 5 or more candies in a row. No
30px On opening, creates a candy needed for order. Yes
Coconut Wheel.png On using, creates 3 striped candies in its row and sets them off. It cannot create stripes over blockers, but removes one layer of the blocker instead. No
PinkFish.png Creates 3 fish, each of which targets the following and removes the candy/1 layer of blocker (except popcorn) and removes 1 layer of Jelly underneath them in Jelly Levels. If there are more than 3 candies available, it has a higher priority of hitting candies of its color.

  • Jelly Levels - Targets Jelly. (Colored jelly of same color if colored jelly is present)
  • Ingredients Levels (if present, high episodes only) - Spaces under the ingredient or above it in soda-ingredient mixed levels when all soda bottles are popped.
  • Candy Order levels (if present, high episodes or blocker orders only) - Candies required for the order (except if it is a combination order).
  • Chocolate levels - Locked Chocolate followed by chocolate. Priority given for white and other types of chocolate (TBA)
  • Caramel levels when inside Caramel - Carries Caramel to a random square without it.
  • Caramel levels when outside Caramel - Go to a random blocker.
  • Soda - Random Soda bottle
  • Other - Random blocker. Target blockers with more layers first.

They always have a higher priority over blockers or sugar keys. More layers - More chance.

Mixed levels priority:

  1. Jelly
  2. (Not yet decided)
More TBA


Note that Lucky Candy does not mix with anything.

Striped Candy Wrapped Candy Color Bomb Jelly Fish Coconut Wheel
Striped Candy Clears all the candies in the entire row and column.
Wrapped Candy 3 rows and 3 columns are removed. Clears 5x5 area instead of 3x3, twice
Color Bomb All candies in the color turn into stripes and explode. All candies in the color turn into wraps and explode Clears the entire board, removing 1 layer of blockers
Jelly Fish 3 striped fish are created and they remove the entire row. 3 wrapped fish are created which remove the 3x3 area surrounding them twice. All candies of the colour turn into Jelly Fish and are activated. Only 1 fish per candy instead of 3. Cannot be combined
Coconut Wheel All candies in the row become stripes instead of 3. All candies in the row become wrapped candies and explode. Clears the entire board, removing 2 layers of blockers. Each coconut wheel creates an entire row of stripes and they are set off.


Diffculty Chance of Winning Episode Mean HTML5 Color Code (for reference)
None 100% ffffff
Very Easy 95% + 1.00 to 1.99 00ffff
Easy 80% to 95% 2.00 to 2.99 0d98ba
Considerably Easy 60% to 80% 3.00 to 3.49 66cc00
Medium 35% to 60% 3.50 to 3.99 ffff00
Considerably Hard 20% to 35% 4.00 to 4.49 ff8800
Hard 8% to 20% 4.50 to 4.99 e80000
Very Hard 1% to 8% 5.00 to 5.99 800000
Insanely Hard <1% Above 6.00 000000
Variable Any cc00cc
Impossible 0% without boosters Has atleast one impossible level 808080

Candy Colors

In Candy Crush Earth Saga, there are regular candy colors. The color scheme for levels is generally ordered, with no exceptions so far.

In the older versions, Windows 10, iOS and Android versions had a different color scheme which was unified with the release of Chocolate Canyon, preparing the game for the introduction of a new level type, Candy Order levels. However, the pages of the first two episodes have images of the old color pattern.

Present Color Pattern First Level Rarity
Blue.png - -
Green.png ?? Insanely Rare
Orange.png Level 587 Very Rare
Purple.png Level 21 Somewhat Common
Red.png Level 3 Very Common
Yellow.png Level 1 Common
Cyan.png Level 17 (unofficial) ??

Early levels in the games (except Level 17) tend to have 4 to 6 candy colors. 3-colored levels are not introduced until Level 587. The next 7-colored level is to be added only after Dreamworld ends (Cyan candies were only introduced for matching colors between the versions for formality and do not exist in the Dreamworld). Dreamworld levels can only have 5 or 6 colors. As of the unification of color scheme, Level 17 is planned to be redesigned and temporary removal of cyan candies is planned altogether. This is to be done after fixing the images of the first two episode levels.

Special Candy Colors

As of now, only 3 special colors are planned but more may be added later.

Special Candy Effect Added
DarkPurple.png Works like soda saga. Unknown
White Candy.png Gives 1.5x score Unknown
LightGreen.png Doubles any special candy effect passing through it (For example, if a striped candy's effect passes through it, it removes 2 layers of all blockers or jellies after the candy. No doubling before the candy). Effects do stack, making the levels tremendously easier. Unknown

Old Color Pattern

Old Color Pattern Web Version Windows 10
1 Blue.png Blue.png
2 Green.png Cyan.png
3 Orange.png Green.png
4 Purple.png Orange.png
5 Red.png Purple.png
6 Yellow.png Red.png
7 Cyan.png Yellow.png

Sugar Crush

It occurs when you completed all the objectives of the level including score.

There are 3 phases -

  1. All special candies are activated
  2. Using up of extra moves left.
  3. All special candies are activated.

Using of extra moves

  1. Moves Levels- Can't occur since you need to play till the end.
  2. Jelly Levels/Chocolate Level/Jam Levels/Honey Levels/Blocker Levels - For each move, 3 jelly fish swim onto the screen, giving 1020 points each. They have a higher chance of eating a blocker or special candies, like mystery candy.
  3. Ingredients Level/Candy Order levels - 1 striped candy is created per move, giving 3000 points.
  4. Timed Level - +5 second candies turn in wrapped candies, each giving 1080 (540 x 2) points. +10 candies give double the points, +15 triple, +30 sextuple, +3 half.
  5. Soda Levels - For each move, one bottle is created. These bottles drink 6 random candies from soda, fill up and them explode like a 5x5 wrapped candy. (Twice, giving 2880 points from explosions and 120 from candies)

The music played during Sugar Crush is Candy Crush Soda Saga's Soda Crush music.


All episodes have 15 levels. Each world has 12 episodes (or 180 levels). Here is a link to each world.

World 1

World 2


Levels, at the will of the creator, can be redesigned. They usually take place with the release of new episodes, but they can be redesigned anytime too. Usually, the early redesigns involve changing difficult levels to easier levels, except on the redesign with release of Episode 6, when many 4-coloured levels were changed to 5-coloured or 6-colored variants.

Complete Story


Tiffi is the daughter of Mr. Toffee, a candy factory worker. She was born on 26th May, 2009. She lives at a small cottage at Lollipop Hill, about 8 kilometers from the giant and famous candy factory, about 16 km from the Icing Isles. She is 10 year old with very high IQ but very shy girl. She gets a lot of people out of trouble, especially her father. She once helps a scientist with his research about moon by predicting the chocolate canyon with the help of the 200x zoom telescope she created on her own. She wins a trip to the moon and gets a ticket on rocket. However, her friend, the bubblegum troll is a mischievous guy. He also boards the rocket without anyone noticing.


Tiffi goes to rocket station and gets on a rocket after paying the tickets. However, it seems the bubblegum troll put a yellow striped candy in the engine of the rocket. So, Tiffi takes a lollipop hammer to break it. After that, the rocket takes off and lands at the chocolate canyon on the moon.

Spoiler of the story

They start exploring the canyon when bubblegum troll tries trolling by breaking a window of the rocket and coming out of hiding, but due to lack of air of the moon (low pressure) and cold temperature, an engine which requires air to run comes in contact with vacuum and loses it's air, causing the rocket to fail. The scientists and two lucky guests (Tiffi and a lady) were still exploring and come across a liquorice hill underneath where oxygen was found by a scientist. So, they use the air and magical liquorice to create a teleporter to compensate the failure of the rocket to go back to earth. However it fails, so the bubblegum troll apologizes and gives Tiffi a candy to keep her from crying. Then she throws the candy into the teleporter and..... The teleporter starts working! They jump through it in excitement. They land in a cove apparently crated by a crater, at the edge of a forest with lollipop trees. They are hungry, so they cut a tree (3 Lollipop Hammers prize) and eat some candy which bubblegum troll bought in case of emergency. Meanwhile, the bubblegum troll sets up a trap at the Icing Isles about a couple hundred feet from the beach an moves the teleporter under the trap. Tiffi swims into the trap while swimming and she gets transported, not to moon as Bubblegum thought, but instead to a factory where candies are produced. So tired, she ate lots of candy given by the workers while the scientists were happy that they were in contact with humans again, thanks to the mischievous troll.

Version History

Version History

23.02.2020 - Crater Cove (Levels 106 to 120) is released!

01.02.2020 - Chocolate Canyon (Levels 76 to 90) is released!

19.01.2020 - Licorice Hill (Levels 61 to 75) is released!

12.01.2020 - Lunar Landing extended to Level 60. It is now the only episode that is released in stages.

21.12.2019 - Nerf of Level 50 and release of levels 51 and 52! More levels are coming soon!

01.07.2019 - Lunar Landing released with Level 50 the last level.

26.06.2019 - Reformation done! Now Lunar Landing (the last episode of 5 levels) will be released soon. 

18.06.2019 - Candy Cosmos updated! Easier for beginners! Several mistakes corrected! Due to school, I will only be working on Saturdays and Sundays. 

26.05.2019 - Rocket Sweet Home released with a banner! Also, to reduce the number of level types, blocker levels were removed and replaced by candy order levels in my design! "All" orders are introduced earlier! Jam levels replaced by caramel levels, due to too many level types with a purple color. 

19.05.2019 - Rolly Rocket Released!

18.05.2019 - The first episode Candy Cosmos released, along with the game!

Fan Features

Main Article - Fan Features (CCES)

So far only two features not in the original game are created - The Chocolate Levels and Double Marmalade. However many, many more are planned to be added, and when the number of fan features crosses ten, a separate article will be created, along with division of the main page into multiple pages, such as boosters, etc.

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