Candy Crush Mpisto War 2018 or Mpisto War 2018 or just CCMW18 is a fanon made by HM100. New Episode(s) come every time I can. Covers all four LEGO Mpisto Games in 4 Planets


Planet 1 (LEGO Mpisto)

World 1

World 2

World 3

World 4

Planet 2 (LEGO Mpisto 2)

World 5

World 6

World 7

Planet 3 (LEGO Mpisto 3)

World 8

World 9

World 10

World 11

World 12

Planet 4 (LEGO Mpisto 4)

World 13

World 14

World 15

World 16

World 17

Level Types

  • Moves
  • Jelly
  • Order
  • Ingredients
  • Soda
  • Jam
  • Chocolate
  • Multitype (Also mixed level)

Both moves and time may be used

Lucky Candy Behavior


Becomes a bomb or time candy for timed moves levels


Becomes a Jelly Fish


Becomes an ingredient required


Becomes a special candy or blocker required to collect


Becomes a bottle


Becomes a normal candy with jam (If no jam present in tile otherwise a normal candy)


Becomes chocolate (Hindering player)

Multitype and Pipeline

Depends on the objectives needed for multitype. For pipeline, it depends on the objective needed on that stage.


  • Unlike other fanons, in this fanon, each level does not mix level types meaning after a level type is done in an episode, no more will be seen in that episode (Save for the first 3 episodes), making the game much different
  • Unlike CCS, Lucky Candy has working effect on all possible level types, except Boss levels
  • Like other fanons, beating a level will give the player Gold Bars
  • Unlike other fanons, users cannot add their difficulty on the infoboxes or request one. They can express their opinions, if they want.
  • Unlike other fanons, Licorice Links do have special candy resistance. Licorice Locks however, not.
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