Candy Crush NOODELZ!! Saga is a joke fanon created by Trinket9.

Level types

Level type Objective First level
NOODELZ!! Clear all of the NOODELZ!! on the board. 1
Bowl Hit the NOODELZ!! with bowling balls 6
Kappa Charge the Kappa and destroy a planet with it. 11
Long Sleeves Feed Lefty long sleeves 16
Eating Eat all candies on the board (literaly) 31
Cat Order Collect appropriate candies for Richard the cat 46
Mystery Open mystery eggs and hope to get appropriate items. 61
NOODELZ!! 2 Feed Catinthedark NOODELZ!! 76
Richard Stroke Richard a given number of times without him attacking you 91
Luck Same as Mystery, except you dont have to match the mystery candies 106
Rip Chat Make the chat dead enough to satisfy Trinket 121
Georgie How many seconds can you go without Georgie attacking your feet 136
Random A random level is chosen and you have to pass it. The level is different every time you play this. 151


Number Episode Name Levels New Things
1. NOODEL!! Village 1-5 NOODELZ!! levels, NOODEL!!, Double NOODEL!! 7 Base Candy Colors, Regular Icing
2. NOODEL!! Town 6-10 Bowling levels, NOODEL!! Bowl, Icing up to 10 layers
3. Kappa City 11-15 Kappa levels, Kappa candy, Kappa tile, 11 or 12-layer icing
4. Long Sleeve Factory 16-30 Long Sleeves levels, Lefty, Long Sleeve, Short Sleeve, Double Long Sleeve, Triple Long Sleeve, Quadruple Long Sleeve, 13, 14 or 15-layer icing, pink candy, Triple NOODEL!!, Quadruple NOODEL!!, Double Kappa
5. Obese Metropolis 31-45 Eating levels, Double candy, Triple candy, Quintuple Long Sleeve, Quintuple NOODEL!!, Sextuple NOODEL!!
6. Feline Restraunt 46-60 Cat levels, Richard the cat, Cat food, S2
7. Unknown Dungeon 61-75 Mystery levels, Mystery candy, Mystery booster, Items, Leo
8. NOODEL!! Factory 76-90 NOODELZ!! 2 levels, Catinthedark, 1 to 15-layered NOODEL!! chest,
9. Grand 100 Party 91-105 Richard levels, Stroking, Shield
10. Lucky Shamrock 106-120 Luck levels, Three-Leaf Shamrock, Four-leaf Shamrock, Five-leaf Shamrock
11. Rip Chat Secret Base 121-135 Rip Chat levels, Rip Chat Order, Revive Chat Order, Trinket9, GreatLemon
12. Georgia 136-150 Georgie levels, Georgie
13. Unknown Dungeon Revisited 151-165 Random levels, Trinket9 the Legend
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