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This is Candy Crush Nec Saga, a game made by Sarah Botrini


  • In this game, you have 10 lives and new ones will be added every 25 minutes
  • Lives forever never exists here
  • You can also ask friends to earn more lives


  • In Ball Saga, these will lead you at the game
    • Ralph - Main Character - Appears in level interfaces
    • Yiva - Appears when you do Coloring+Coloring or Colorbomb + Colorbomb
    • Alex - Minor Character - Appears only in Special Offers
    • Falcon/Dominik - Minor Character - Appears when you buy something - Also appears in Get more lives window
  • Kimmy Tiffy Jennie won't appear in this game since they were caught by Brave Diggers


To pass Ejagono, the level must be one of the following:

  • Rated NI and above
  • Must contain hard opener (i.e. having luck to begin the level)
  • Must have difficulty blockers and or frustrating board


  • Here is a list of our levels


Coconut Cream Mirage Beginner Section 2


  • This is the continuation of Candy Crush Super Saga as of it has almost the same features.
  • All level icons were changed from Super Saga
  • No boss levels exist here
  • 9, 10 and 11 color levels are added and they're more common in the thousands and up
  • It starts from Qora 50, which takes place in that fanon
  • In Inidana Jones, you'll get 5 additional secs when you reach DIVINE exclamation. Moreover, it removes one color with suffix candies.
  • 1396 is the last with 9 colors. 1397 the last with 10 and 1399 the last with all colors. 1400 which is the finale of the level and has 200 moves and 8 colors and moreover a mixed level.
  • It was used to be called Candy Crush Ball Saga before 31 December 2016. Ironically, Super Saga still calls it Candy Crush Ball Saga