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What's new

9 colors

  • In super saga, Pink appeared only in cereal levels and in Level 600
    • Far future, they also made cameo in Super Saga in other level types as part of a candy order
  • Nowadays, you can see it in every milestone (Only first 4 filestones). It can also be seen after a buff from 7 or 8 to 9 colors.
    • Far future in Super Saga, it was seen in this game in every level

New Playfield

  • In super saga, portrait and landspace were exist. In this one, only landspace supported. If in portrait, only just the screen will appear. In landspace, a black scene showing actors from unfamous series. Older revisions and Super Saga just had black scene
    • Web Version works just like Super Saga with the usual Retina. Font sizes are modd and board panel is fixed in side.

New combos

  • The ability to create Coconut Wheels was removed. You may produce many more including this by doing combos in Juice (Gold). You can see the combos in the Combinations section of the Fanon

New Mixed Modes

  • In super saga, all are in one panel. In that game, many more combos are added and now use different panels (for instance Chocolate/White Chocolate at once)

What's old

Score Expansion

  • Like in Super Saga, score expansion makes a cameo here but this time in every level type rather than Moves and Timed

More than 6 colors

  • Like in Super Saga, 7 and 8 color levels also appear here. In addition 9 color levels as shown in Level 600 in that game can now spawn pink candies everywhere instead of only from canons.

Special Candy Cannons

  • Like in Super Saga, special candy cannons from Soda and Jelly also appear here. In addition no swirls/special candy exist but Ingredient/special candy exist, like in Super Saga.
    • Far future, both fanons received these canons, for addictive fun
  • In future, White swirl cannons may also be added since Super Saga holds it at Level 559

6 to 9 layers

  • Like in Super Saga, in that game up to 9 layers can go. But it can also go up to 10 layers.
  • Super Saga will introduce 7 layered icing only after buff but as of the release of Bubblegum levels and 8 layered icing, it can also appear before buff.

What's recycled

Hidden Board

  • You may seen a hidden board that overlaps the original candy flow. In that game it was removed because it was useless
    • Much later, from the release of Lux Lot in Super Saga, it was also gone too but only from the Web version and not from Κορα Κροε.

Bubblegum levels

  • In Super Saga, bubblegum doesn't appear apart from Bubblegum levels. In that game they are no longer available and now bubblegum appears in any level type but it won't count as objective, like chocolate which appears in other types in that game starting from Level 25 in Reality and Level 8 in Dreamworld
    • It is very unknown if it makes this cameo in Super Saga

Pink dispensers

  • In previous game, Pink could only appear from dispensers with pink candy and no combos exist. In that game, it can appear in 9 color levels and have all combos expert from the following:
    • Chameleons
    • Extra Time
    • Fire Candies
  • If these appeared, it will function like normal candy. Those may be functioned in the near future


Also Found in Super Saga

Image Name Description
CyanCandy Cyan Candy The game can have up to 7 colors and 7th color is cyan
DarkPurple Dark Jelly The game programmes special combos. 8th color and 8 color levels
More Special Canons Different from the original game, the game can have many more special canons
More Jellies The game can have up to 4 layers of jelly and 2 of colored ones.
Caramel HMCaramel HM HardCaramel HM Strawberry Caramel See here
Glob1Glob2Glob3Glob4Glob5Glob6 The Glob This blocker can be removed by a special candy and colorbomb+coloring candy removes only some layers from it. More info here
GlobInv1GlobInv2GlobInv3GlobInv4 Inverted The Glob This blocker works like The Glob but can regrow layers if not removed every 1 to 2 moves
Whitechocolate1Whitechocolate2 White Chocolate Chocolate that can both spread and regrow its 2nd layer. Max of 2 layers.
Super Saga Bitter Chocolate Bitter Chocolate that can respawn half amount of chocolate you cleared (e.g. cleared 4, spawns 2) unless you destroy it entirely
Double Lock 2-layered Liquorice Lock Different from the original game, Licorice Locks can go up to 2 layers and the 2nd layer contains a cage instead of an x
Locked Licorice Swirl Locked Licorice Swirl Again differently from the original game, Licorice Locks can also be found under Licorice Locks this time naturally, making it more difficult to deal with. But unlike in Candy Crush Super Saga, they won't resistance to special candies.
WhiteLicoriceRedLicoriceBlueLicoriceGreenLicorice More Layers of Swirls Different from the original game, licorice swirls can also have more layers. They can go up to 5 layers. 2 layered is white, 3 layered is red, 4 layered is blue and 5 layeres is green. Each layer count separately in order levels.
Unordered Schemes Different from the original game, the normal colour scheme is different (Yellow and orange swapped) and candy colors can be incorrect. This allows Red as extra color order in 6-colored levels
Level 6 Icing More layers of icing Different from the original game, icings can have more than 5 layers and 6th layer has a white cream. Unlike in Candy Crush Super Saga, the more than 6 layers have new textures and can go up to 10 layers
Golden Coconut Wheel Golden Coconut Wheel Coconut wheel that has double range and creates wrapped candies by default
Additional order Unlike in CCS, candy order levels can also ask for 4th order too, making it a bit difficult to handle them
More types of candy orders You may see it different from the original game. Now you also need to collect many more items such as Jelly Fishes, Coconut Wheels, Mystery Candies and or more kinds of blocker orders like Caramel, Liquorice Lock etc..
More Mixed Combo Types Different from the original game, mixed levels can also have combos other than jelly/ingredients (Such as Ingredients/Chocolate) and can have 3 or 4 combos as well as timed ones
Locked Regular Icing2-layered Locked Regular Icing Locked Regular Icing Different from the original game, the game can also contain regular icing into locks. You free the lock first with a special candy before you can clear the icing
Toffee-Tornado Toffee Tornado This was formerly in CCS. This element makes the game easy or hard. See here for more. In this fanon, it works like in Mystery's CCJS
Super Toffee Tornado Large Toffee Tornado They Work like Toffee tornadoes but they require 2 special candies and occupied 2x2 area.

New, Established ones

Image Name Description
Pink2 Candy Ροζ 9 colors levels and pink candy are added.
StrawberryCandy Candy Φράουλα Programs 10 color levels. See here. Can remove any blocker with that color
Black Candy Μαύρουλος This game can also handle 11-color levels and Μαύρουλος is the 11th color
White White Candy See here
Strawberry Chocolate NEC Strawberry Chocolate Can grow like white chocolate but it can go up to 3 layers. Can be removed with Strawberry Candies, jelly fishes and fire candies
ThiefcanorangeThiefcanrosseteredThiefcanlightrossetepurpleTcdorangeTcdrosseteredTcdlightrossetepurple Gamepedia See here
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