Candy Crush Really Good Saga (CCRGS for short) is a Candy Crush Saga fanon created by JMDaGood on 2019. It will have 7865 levels.

Life and ticket system

The maximum number of lives you can have in CCRGS is fifteen, and it takes ten minutes to recharge one. Unfortunately, it does not have the ticket system. It works on real time too.


The music of Candy Crush Saga is used when playing the game. It is also possible to mute the music and the sound effects.

Level Types Music (Flash CCS) Music (HTML5 CCS)
Moves, Order Moves, Jelly Moves, Order
Jelly Ingredient Jelly
Ingredient Timed Ingredient
Mixed Mode Mixed Mode Mixed Mode

Life and ticket system

The maximum number of lives you can have in CCRGS is twelve, and it takes nine minutes to recharge one. Unfortunately, it does not have the ticket system.

Levels and modes

There are 7865 levels in CCRGS. The levels are all divided into 525 episodes, all of them having 15 levels except for Candy City and Cupcake Factory.

CCRGS has 5 different level types. They are moves, jelly, candy order, ingredients, and mixed.

Type Name First appearance Rarity Description
Moves Level 1 The rarest Score *insert number here* points in *NUMBER* moves!
Jelly Level 6 The most common Clear all the jelly!
Ingredients Level 11 Common Bring down all ingredients!
Candy Order Level 51 Very common Collect all orders!
Mixed Level 81 (Jelly+Order) Level 14 (Jelly+Ingredients) Level 2661 (Ingredients+Order) Somewhat Common Reach both goals in the same level!

List of fan items

All items and blockers from Candy Crush Saga return in this game. This game introduces faucets at level 4221, super crystal candies at level 291 and Ice Coats at level 3291 as fanon elements.


The difficulty code is exactly the same as the Candy Crush Saga wiki.

None It is impossible to fail these levels unless it is due to glitches or pressing the quit button. You win 100% the level. The only level which has this difficulty is Level 1.

Very Easy These levels have a win rate of 95% or better. They are passed on the first try or second. The first very easy level is Level 2.

Easy 84% win chance. They are passed within one to three tries. The first easy level is Level 13.

Somewhat Easy These have 69% chance of completion. Completed in three to five tries. The first somewhat easy level is Level 24.

Medium 50% odds of winning the level. Passed in 5 to 8 attempts. The first medium level is Level 31.

Somewhat Hard 34% win. Completed in around 9 to 15 tries. The first somewhat hard level is Level 45.

Hard Around 21% chance to win. Passed in around 16 to 29 attempts. The first hard level is Level 54.

Very Hard The odds of winning become 10% of winning. Won in 30 attempts. The first very hard level is Level 83.

Extremely Hard Your odds are 3%. They may take 100 attempts. The first extremely hard level is Level 150.

Nearly Impossible The chances of winning these levels are REALLY low which is at lower than 1%. They can take hundreds or thousands of attempts to complete. The first level of its difficulty is Level 1193.

Impossible These levels are impossible without boosters or cheats. They are nerfed immediately. Impossible levels are counted in world means, with the undefined difficulty. The first impossible level is the unreleased version of Level 376.

Variable The difficulty of these levels and the number of attempts they take varies enormously. It can be very easy to nearly impossible, and it depends on the board’s layout. Variable levels are not counted in episode means, so for example, if there are 15 levels in an episode and two variable levels, the formula changes like if there were 13 levels. The first variable level is Level 227.


There are 6 candy colours in CCRGS. The usual scheme is blue-green-orange-purple-red-yellow.

They are all normal candies and they do not have any special effect.

The first level with 2 colours is Level 1101. None of them are neccesarily easy, and they are rare.

The first level with 3 colours is Level 16.

The first level with 4 colours is Level 8.

The first level with 5 colours is Level 1.

The first level with 6 colours is Level 2.



1-1.99: Very Easy

2-2.99: Easy

3-3.5: Somewhat Easy

3.51-4: Medium

4-4.5: Somewhat Hard

4.51-5: Hard

5-5.99: Very Hard

6-6.99: Extremely Hard

7-9: Nearly Impossible

Impossible if it has at least one impossible level

NB: Each world has 5 episodes, which is a total of 105 worlds.

Episode Name Levels New Things World Difficulty Champion title
1: Candy City 1 to 10 5-colour levels and levels with no difficulty (Both level 1), 6-colour and Very Easy levels (Both level 2), Icing (Level 4), Teleporters (Level 5), Jelly Levels and Single Jellies (Both level 6), 4-colour levels and Liquorice Locks (Level 8), Striped Candy cannons (Level 9), Conveyor Belts and Conveyor Portals (Level 10) 1 Very Easy (1) Candy Citizen
2: Cupcake Factory 11 to 20 Ingredient levels and cherries (Both level 11), Hazelnuts and Marmalade (Level 12), Double Jellies and Easy levels (Both level 13), Mixed mode levels (Level 14), Jelly fish on board (Level 15), 3-colour levels and Coconut wheels on board (Level 16), Liquorice swirls (Level 17), Chocolate (Level 18), Sachets (Level 19) and Candy Bombs (Level 20) 1 Very Easy (1.6) Wonky Worker
3: Lucky Lake 21 to 35 Striped candies on board (Level 21), Wrapped candies on board (Level 22), Color bombs on board (Level 23), Liquorice swirl cannons and somewhat easy levels (Both level 24), Chocolate spawners (Level 25), Two layered Icing (Level 26), Wrapped candy cannons (Level 27), Ingredient cannons (Level 28), Waffle cannons (Level 29), Mystery Candies and medium levels (Both level 30), Three layered Icing (Level 31), Color bomb cannons (Level 32), One layered sugar chests and sugar keys (Level 33), Candy frogs (Level 34) and Locked Liquorice Swirls (Level 35) 1 Easy (2.2) Luck Lord
4: Meringue Mount 36 to 50 Locked Ingredients (Level 36), One-layered Waffles and Somewhat Hard levels (Both level 37), Liquorice swirl + waffle cannons (Level 38), Sugar Key Cannons and Somewhat Hard levels (Level 39), Four layered Icing (Level 40), Two layered sugar Chests (Level 41), Ingredients in Marmalade (Level 42), Bobbers (Level 43), Popcorn (Level 44), Five layered Icing (Level 45), Magic Mixers (Level 46), Locked Chocolate (Level 47), Locked Chocolate Spawners and Locked Magic Mixers (Both at level 48), Three layered sugar chests and Hard levels (Both level 49) and Two layered waffles (Level 50) 1 Somewhat Easy - Medium (3.47) Craving Climber
5: Mint Meadow 51 to 65 Immovable Blockers on conveyor belts, regular candy order and candy order levels (All at level 51), Locked wrapped candies (Level 52), Locked color bombs (Level 53), Striped candies in Marmalade (Level 54), Three layered waffles (Level 55), Candy cane fences (Level 56), Candy cane curls (1-layered at level 57, 2-layered at level 60 and 3 layered at level 65), Crystal Candies (1-layered at level 58, 2-layered at level 61 and 3 layered at Level 62), Liquorice Swirls in Marmalade (Level 63) and Extra Moves Candies (Level 64). 1 Somewhat Easy (3.27) Lollipop Arranger
6: Easter Eggs 66 to 80 Chameleon Candies (Level 66), Four layered Waffles (Level 67), Four layered Sugar Chests (Level 68), One-layered Waffles in Marmalade (Level 69), Immovable Blockers in Sugar Chests (Level 70), Wrapped Candies in Marmalade (Level 71), Striped Candies in Marmalade (Level 72), Cake Bombs (Level 73), One layered Icing in Marmalade (Level 74), Special Candy Orders (Level 78), Regular Magic Mixer that can spawn three or more blockers (Level 75), Five layered Waffles (Level 76), Two-layered waffles in Marmalade (Level 77) Very Hard Levels (Level 79) and Two layered Icing in Marmalade (Level 80) 2 Medium (3.53) Egg Savior
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