Candy Crush Saga: Candies Revenge (briefly CCR) is the sequel of Candy Crush Saga. This game is also connect to Facebook; however, this game is unavailable in Facebook site and PC like most Angry Birds games with Facebook connect. You can only play this game via mobile devices.


Yes! This game solve the problem by not to have lives system! You can play with unlimited fails.


Every level, there is a color key on the infobox to tell you the difficulty. Every level, there is a color coding on the infobox to tell you the difficulty. There are 9 different difficulty ratings.

  • Very Easy is Cyan.
  • Easy is Teal.
  • Somewhat Easy is Blue.
  • Medium is Salmon.
  • Somewhat Hard is Purple.
  • Hard is Violet.
  • Very Hard is Red.
  • Extremely Hard is Black.
  • Nearly Impossible is Maroon.
  • Variable is green.

Level Types

There are six level types like the original, but there are no time levels Timed Icon. But there are three new types: Blocker levels (Blocker levels icon 2), Pipeline levels (Pipeline Level Icon), and Jelly Color levels (Jelly Colour Icon (Alpha)).

  • Moves Levels (Moves Icon): They are introduced in Level 1. They appear more often than in the original game, but they are still not very common. Episodes with moves levels have 1 to 3 moves levels per episode.
  • Jelly Levels (Jelly Icon): They are introduced in Level 2. Unlike the original game, Jelly is not the most common level type and some episodes have no jelly levels. Episodes with jelly levels usually have 4 to 7. However, this level type is the hardest. Easy jelly levels are very rare.
  • Ingredients Levels (Ingredients Icon): They are introduced in Level 3. Differently than in the original game, they are the most common in both Reality and Dreamworld and sometimes there are 8 or more Ingredients levels in an episode. Usually there are 4 to 8 Ingredient levels, and very rarely there are less than that. This type is generally easy. Hard ingredients levels can be very rare, but much more common in later levels.
  • Candy Order Levels (Candy Order Icon): They are introduced in Level 32. They are the third most common level type, only behind Ingredients and Jelly levels. Differently than in the original game, they are introduced very early. There are usually 1 to 5 Candy Order levels per episode, but some might have more. All episodes since Citrus Circus have at least 1 except Fairytale ForestCaramel Apple Cottage, Parfait Paradise and Wattle Woods.
  • Hybrid Levels (Hybrid): They are introduced in Level 25. You have to do more than one mission in a single level (Ingredients-Order, Jelly-Order, Jelly-Ingredients.) This is a very rare type. There are 1 or 2 hybrid levels in some episodes. Later levels, however, this level type is much more common since Bonbon Bazaar.
  • Blocker Levels (Blocker levels icon 2): They are introduced in Level 1011. The objective is to clear all blocker types required off the board, including required blockers from the mystery candies before Sugar Crush. (E.G. Requirement is chocolate, icings (including regular icing, multilayered icing, and colored icing), and licorice swirls, but if the board has chocolate, icing, licorice swirls, popcorn, you don't have to clear the popcorn.)
  • Pipeline Levels (Pipeline Level Icon): They are introduced in Level 1221. You have to finish all orders in the pipelines (candy order, special candy order, combination order, blocker order, and ingredients) respectively.
  • Jelly Color Levels (Jelly Colour Icon (Alpha)): They are introduced in Level 1701. You have to turn all the red jelly to be green to complete the level.


  • Toffee Tornado will exist in this game. However, they are useful instead of causing players pain.
  • The Magic mixers will be introduced in episode 86 and blocker orders will be introduced at level 1401.

Warning: Unsuccessful match costs two moves instead of none.


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Reality Major milestones


This section is under construction.

This is a new world in CCR, insaneworld! This world contains 300 extra hard levels. You can unlock this episode by collecting 1500 stars overall.

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Fanon Elements

You can see fanon elements here.


The main currency in this game is Gold Bars Goldbar. Each player will get 100 gold bars for free at starting. You can use them to buy boosters in the game. Unlike the real game, you earn the gold bars by daily rewards and by complete episodes. 20 gold bars are awarded when completing first two episodes, and 30 for others.

Daily Rewards

Days in a Row Rewards
1 Goldbar 2
2 Goldbar 3
3 Goldbar 5
4 Goldbar 8
5 Goldbar 25
  • Don't miss a day or it will reset.
  • After day 5, it will reset.
  • Internet connection is required.


You can use gold bars to buy the boosters in the Candy Crush Shop.

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