CCR Insaneworld is an additional world in Candy Crush Saga: Candies Revenge. To unlock this mode, the player has to earn 1,500 stars in reality levels, i.e. at least 500 levels have to be completed to unlock. When you complete 300 levels of Insaneworld, you will be awarded with 5 of all boosters in the game and 100 gold bars.


Insaneworld has the same gameplay as reality since the Dreamworld gameplay with moon scale and Odus is not much successful. In this mode, level types and boards are completely different to reality counterparts, and all episodes contain 20 levels instead. There are also five episodes per season.


The regular levels are easy? Try Insaneworld! This additional world contains 300 of the most difficult levels in CCR. Can you master it for a divine reward?

Level Types

There are five level types in insaneworld.


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