Candy Crush Saga: Jelly Candy (or JC) is a fanon Candy Crush game are created by Taxi Cookie.



Lucky! You will have 15 lives and refill each live with 2 minutes.


There are 10 types on this alternative game.

Type Icon Marks Level introduce Episode introduce Rules
Moves Moves Icon Orange circle with two opposite arrows Level 1 (JC) Candy Restaurant (JC)
  • Player must done the target score before out of moves.
Timed Timed Icon Purple circle with a time counter Level 15 (JC) Candy Restaurant (JC)
  • Player must done the target score before out of time.
Jelly Jelly Icon Blue circle with the white square Level 16 (JC) Vanilla Winter (JC)
Orders Candy Order Icon Pink circle with a tick Level 31 (JC) Muddy Volcano (JC)
Ingredients Ingredients Icon Green circle with a down arrow Level 46 (JC) Hospital Ham (JC)
Jelly color A circle with red and green, in the middle have a white square Level 151 (JC) Candy Park (JC)
Blocker orders Blocker levels icon 2 Red circle with a white liquorice lock symbol Level 211 (JC) Rainbow Liquorice (JC)
Hybrid Hybrid A circle with all 3 parts are: Jelly, Ingredients and Orders. Each $ \tfrac {{1}}{{3}} $ has a mixed different parts. Level 361 (JC) Raspberry Race (JC)


  1. Regular Jelly: Jelly 1: 16
  2. Regular Jelly: Jelly 2: 32
  3. Hazelnut: Hazelnut: 2
  4. Empty slot: 25
  • So, the player have to done all task before out of moves.
Pipeline Pipeline Level Icon Yellow circle with long and short lines Level 369 (JC) Raspberry Race (JC)
  • Player must done the first order and next.


  1. Chocolate: 100
  2. Empty slot: 100
  3. Popcorn blocker: 4
Mixed mode Mixed Level A circle have blue and pink half, and have a two white squirls Level 1231 (JC) Pinky Hill (JC)
  • Player must clear all the jellies and collect all the ingredients before out of moves.


List of levels, each level are a different difficulties. Here is a difficulty code for you to easier:

Very EasyEasySomewhat EasyNormalMedium

HardVery HardExtremely HardVariableNearly Impossible

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