This following element has been discontinued.

Candy Crush Saga: The Ultimate is a sequel to Candy Crush Saga. Unlike the first game, the first two episodes already have 15 levels. As of this writing, 43 levels has been released.


Episode Number Episode Name Levels Level Types Difficulty
1 Doughnut Desert 1 - 15

1 Moves Icon

4 Jelly Icon

6 Ingredients Icon

1 Timed Icon

3 Candy Order Icon

Considerably Easy
2 Pudding Potion 15 - 30

4 Moves Icon

4 Jelly Icon

2 Ingredients Icon

3 Timed Icon

2 Candy Order Icon

3 Chocolate Cul-De-Sac 31 - 45

Moves Icon

Jelly Icon

Ingredients Icon

Timed Icon

Candy Order Icon

4 Tasty Tropics 46 - 60 Undetermined

  • A competition has been held in CCSW (Candy Crush Saga Wiki) to decide on the best episode idea. The best idea will be used in Episode 3, and will have his/her name in credits. The winner was Olaf.

New things

Doughnut Desert

All elements previously introduced in CCS were introduced here, except for sugar chests, sugar keys, and popcorns.

Pudding Potion

Nothing new was introduced.

Chocolate Cul-De-Sac

Sugar Chests and Sugar Keys are introduced.

Tasty Tropics

Popcorn is introduced.

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