This fanon has been discontinued as April 30, 2015 as confirmed by Spongebob789 and his bot and do not delete or spam this page this going to be continued in the future.

Candy Crush Saga Sponge (or Candy Crush Saga 3 or simply CCS3 or CCSS) is a popular game by the SpongeBob and Candy Games. It was launched by King too on 8 February 2015 on Facebook.


  1. Very Easy (Cyan): Has no difficulty at all, no problem to pass it on One Try.
  2. Easy (Teal): These levels are just a breeze for some people, can be passed between one or three tries.
  3. Considerably Easy (Blue): These levels are somewhat easy, but not enough to be considered Easy or Very easy. 
  4. Medium (Salmon): These levels may take several sets of lives to some people, but to others, they might be done in one try.
  5. Considerably Hard (Purple/Indigo): These levels have a half success chance of Passing. Requires a good amount of tries to pass them.
  6. Hard (Violet): These are the levels which will take some time for the players to complete.
  7. Very Hard (Red): These levels are Very Frustrating, but not a lot as Insanely Hard ones.
  8. Insanely Hard (Black): One usually will have up to only 5% success rate for these levels. Overall, these levels are next to IMPOSSIBLE.
  9. Impossible (Maroon/Brown): Can't be passed without Boosters, Only applied to Design Errors or Extreme Levels.
  10. Variable (Green): All depends on the skills of the Player, or just Luck, Some people say its easy, others say its hard, the Chance of Passing may Vary.

New Things

  • Red Gold Bars
  • Coins
  • Coloring Candy
  • Bubblegum
  • New Candy Color (Cyan)

World 1 and 2 (Yummy Episodes)

Episode Number Episode Name Levels Difficulty Character Released World
1 The Krusty Candy  1-10 Insanely Hard or Variable Tiffi 8 February 2016 1
2 Candy Factory  10-20 Considerably Easy Bubblegum Troll  16 February 2016 1
3 Lollipop Lodge  21-35 Considerably Easy or Medium Mr. Yeti 24 February 2016 1
4 Candy Cabin  36-50 Considerably Easy Mr. Toffee 3 March 2016 1
5 Vanilla Forest  50-65 Easy Mr. Vanilla 17 March 2016 1
6 Eggful End  66-80 Insanely Hard Easter Bunny 30 March 2016 1
7 Yummy Yard  81-95 Considerably Hard Captain Candy 11 February 2016 2
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