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Welcome to Candy Crush Saga Fanon Wiki. You can now create your own version of Candy Crush Saga, one step ahead. Here, of course, since this a fanon wiki for Candy Crushers, you can create your own version of CCS, like episodes, levels, and even new things! Just go creative here in Candy Crush Saga Fanon Wiki! Anything about creativity in Candy Crush is 100% approved. Now, are you on the ultimate challenge? Create your own Candy Crush now!

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Here are some things to know first before creating your own version of Candy Crush:

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  • Np2402

    The advantage of visual editing is that it is simpler than wikitext. However, it gives less buttons to click to do different things. Source editing is more complicated but once you get the hang of it…

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  • Makecandycrushgreatagain

    Hello. I am starting a fanon now that I have time. I will release the first few episodes in the next few days, and more will be coming. There will be 15 levels per episode, including the first episod…

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  • Color Lover

    So,apparently,I borrowed courtemanche437's editor.Thanks! :D So,here is sneak peek 2. Level types:)(In order) Moves (Level 1) Ingredients (Level 4) Jelly (Level 7) Timed (Level 15) Candy Order (Level…

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  • Aditya sriram

    Help with Dispensers!

    December 30, 2019 by Aditya sriram

    Hi guys! I am back to the fanon wiki now (with a better grammar lol) and back in full swing here. I am glad to see quite a few new fanons. I am realy terrible at photo editing (if ou havent guessed a…

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  • Color Lover


    My Fanon (Random Crush Saga) Will have a different Difficulty System. Here it is: (Levels in parenthesis is the first level of that difficulty)

    The reason why I used a different one is b…

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