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Welcome to Candy Crush Saga Fanon Wiki. You can now create your own version of Candy Crush Saga, one step ahead. Here, of course, since this a fanon wiki for Candy Crushers, you can create your own version of CCS, like episodes, levels, and even new things! Just go creative here in Candy Crush Saga Fanon Wiki! Anything about creativity in Candy Crush is 100% approved. Now, are you on the ultimate challenge? Create your own Candy Crush now!

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Share your own version of Candy Crush in this wiki! Click "See More" for created fanons.

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Worlds and Episodes

Feel free to make your own interesting worlds and episodes and display it here!

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Levels and Boards

Feel free to create and design as many levels as you can and show it here!

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Elements and Blockers

Feel free to create your unique elements and blocker ideas and let us know how it works!

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Recent Blog Posts

Fencey Fencey 16 January 2021

Why I discontinued CC50S

CC50S is NOT discontinued. My levels will be posted on Discord and Youtube. Go check them out there.

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Bp101697 Bp101697 3 January 2021

CCR In Parallel Universe

In my fanon, the first three seasons have 164 levels each. They are divided into 4 sections with 41 each. If I use method that groups in the first season (1-1 to 4-41) are assigned into season 2 like…

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EndreUjvari EndreUjvari 15 December 2020

Special level contest (For Fencey)


  1. The target score must be higher than 500 000 points.
  2. The board need to big and complicated. All 81 spaces must be used.
  3. Add some lots of features on the level.
  4. The best difficulties on the level a…

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Bp101697 Bp101697 22 November 2020

New Anti-Order Rule

Hi. It's long time no see. I realised that the old anti-order rule was too harsh and made some levels almost impossible, so I removed that feature. After someone releases anti-order levels, I think i…

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WindowsVista184 WindowsVista184 16 September 2020

My Candy from My Computer


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