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This is candy crush trumpet, an upcoming fanon to come in 2017. This is still in Conference so it is made by HM200


  • New candies
  • 20 lives and new ones every 5 minutes
  • Unlitimed lives still exist here

As Google Play Store App


  • First 5 levels are expected to be added in the making now. It is in Conference State now.

List will be added when officially released

L01 - Moves

L02 - Moves

L03 - Ing

L04 - Cream

L05 - Cream

L06 - Toffee

L07 - Cream

L08 - Energy

L09 - Energy

L10 - Cream

L11 - Cream

L12 - Pipeline

L13 - Pipeline

L14 - Moves

L15 - Moves

Codename Images



Trompeta Saga Patsouk

UI (596x612 must be the image, 66,22 per row and 68 per column, 34 pixels right as anchor)


Font; Candice

Movement; 36pt

Part; 27pt

Level number; 14pt with 20% icon

Goals: 18pt with 26x26 icons

Scores: 20pt

Panels: 15pt with 23x23 icons


Mobile Portrait

  • Images are in 768x786, leaving down point of 50pt
  • Goals = 16pt using 28x28 icons
  • Moves = 36pt
  • Level = 12pt

Mobile Landspace

  • Images are in 786x768 leaving right point of 50pt
  • Goals = 18pt using 32x32 icons
  • Moves = 48pt
  • Level = 15pt


  • Font is Ravie


  • This will be the successor of Ball Saga
  • It is expected to be released in the 1st quadrant of 2017 on Mobile and in the end of july on Web
  • Graphics are from Jelly Saga of most
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