Features Changed from Saga

Image Name Description Appears first
CyanCandy Cyan Candy The game can have up to 7 colors and 7th color is cyan Level 2
DarkPurple Dark Jelly The game programmes special combos. 8th color and 8 color levels Level 2
More Special Canons Different from the original game, the game can have many more special canons, not just Striped and Wrapped canons Level 4 and various levels for every canon
More Jellies The game can have up to 4 layers of jelly and 2 of colored ones. Level 8 and variety for other color kinds
Caramel HMCaramel HM Hard Caramel See here 856 (Normal)
932 (Hard, unofficially through a harden)
955 (Hard, officially)
Glob1Glob2Glob3Glob4Glob5Glob6 Glob This blocker can be removed by a special candy and colorbomb+coloring candy removes only some layers from it. More info here Level 223 (1 and 2 layered, unofficially)
Level 732 (1 and 2 layered, officially and all other layers)
GlobInv1GlobInv2GlobInv3GlobInv4 Inverted Glob This blocker works like The Glob but can regrow layers if not removed every 1 to 2 moves Level 752 (1 and 2 layered)
Level 756 (3 and 4 layered)
Pink Pink Candy This series of candy is a special color used in cereal levels and hybrid levels with cereal combo. Can also be used in other types as special purpose and/or as ninth color. But in this game, 9-colored levels are rarely exist and can only form a colorbomb in a match of 5. Level 228 (As special purpose)
Level 600 (As normal candy)
Cereal Cereal A new type of candy made by collecting Pink and it is used to bring them down in a cereal level and/or in a hybrid cereal level. In soda that goes in wrong direction that the red portal, it shifts down a space according to the position of red portal while in some, user has to harvest soda to bring the cereals up Level 228 along with pink candy and CCJS Cereal level type
Whitechocolate1Whitechocolate2 White Chocolate Chocolate that can both spread and regrow its 2nd layer. Max of 2 layers. Level 36 (Both kinds)
Can be found under locks in various levels
Super Saga Bitter Chocolate Bitter Chocolate that can respawn half amount of chocolate you cleared (e.g. cleared 4, spawns 2) unless you destroy it entirely Level 910
Level 912 (Under locks)
Double Lock 2-layered Liquorice Lock Different from the original game, Licorice Locks can go up to 3 layers, the 2nd layer contains a cage instead of an x and the 3rd layer is the white version of the 2nd layered ones. Level 102 (Double Lock)
Level 1156 (Triple Lock or White Double Lock)
Locked Licorice Swirl More Locked Licorice Swirl kinds Like in CCS where locked swirls appear, in this fanon, more kinds of locked swirls can appear such as Locked white licorice swirl or double locked swirl or white locked red licorice swirl. Varies from level to level
WhiteLicoriceRedLicoriceBlueLicoriceGreenLicorice More Layers of Swirls Different from the original game, licorice swirls can also have more layers. They can go up to 5 layers. 2 layered is white, 3 layered is red, 4 layered is blue and 5 layeres is green. Each layer count separately in order levels. Level 216 (White or 2 layered)
Level 609 (Red or 3 layered)
Level 800 (Blue or 4 layered)
Level 1078 (Green or 5 layered)
Unordered Schemes Different from the original game, the normal colour scheme is different (Yellow and orange swapped) and candy colors can be incorrect. This allows Red as extra color order in 6-colored levels Level 4
Level 6 Icing More layers of icing Different from the original game, icings can have more than 5 layers and 6th layer has a white cream. Up to 10 layers exist. Level 100 and various for other layers
Golden Coconut Wheel Golden Coconut Wheel Coconut wheel that has double range and creates wrapped candies by default Level 857
Additional order Unlike in CCS, candy order levels can also ask for 4th order too, making it a bit difficult to handle them Level 862
More types of candy orders You may see it different from the original game. Now you also need to collect many more items such as Jelly Fishes, Coconut Wheels, Mystery Candies and or more kinds of blocker orders like Caramel, Liquorice Lock etc.. Varies from level to level
More Mixed Combo Types Different from the original game, mixed levels can also have combos other than jelly/ingredients (Such as Ingredients/Chocolate) and can have 3 or 4 combos as well as timed ones Varies from level to level
1 colored levels Different from the original game, the game can also contain levels that contain only 1 only color making it more fun to users Level 807
Locked Regular Icing2-layered Locked Regular Icing Locked Regular Icing Different from the original game, the game can also contain regular icing into locks. You free the lock first with a special candy before you can clear the icing. Eventually, this appeared in ccs but here it can also be in double locks. Level 804 (Unofficially)
Level 956 (Officially)
BobberCandy Bobber Candy aka Bobber Lollipop Head See here Bobber Quest event Level 1
Toffee-Tornado Toffee Tornado This was formerly in CCS. This element makes the game easy or hard. See here for more. In this fanon, it works like in Mystery's CCJS At various levels you can find it
Super Toffee Tornado Large Toffee Tornado They Work like Toffee tornadoes but they require 2 special candies and occupied 2x2 area. Level 945
More time candies Unlike in CCS, timed levels and timed mixed levels can include +10 and +15 time candies which add 10 and 15 seconds respectively when matched. Varies

Changes Web-Mobile

  • Candies slide quicker
    • Adv: Easier timed levels
    • Dis: Harder order levels (Rarely)
  • Can remove jelly when clearing swirls
    • Adv: Can easily complete jelly and ice levels
    • Dis: Gives less points
  • Cakebombs can remove layers of globs (Seems Qora has it wrong)
    • Adv: Makes levels easier
    • Dis: May accidentally activate special candies
  • Coral icings
    • Adv: Jelly levels and some icing ones are a lot of easier
    • Dis: Jam levels are usually hard if tons of them exist (Rarely)
  • Spiral Dispensers
    • Adv: Spawn out more and makes some levels easier
    • Dis: Some levels became harder due to tons of licorice
  • Better flow
    • Adv: Slides more quicker and easily
    • Dis: May not serve properly when a match is done

The Board Input Test Boot Option

  • You can test everything you need by using the board input test boot option in Κορα Κορε such us testing out the differences between web and mobile versions as well as planning quadrant board tests. Note that fan elements are banned in this mode (Only Saga and Soda Saga elements are allowed)


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