Piece of tracks played in this Fanon



Monnstruck: Absence of Puffler

Dream:DreamWorlds levels


All pieces are from New Super Mario Bros and one is used for each level type:

W1:Map Screen

W2: Moves/Jelly/Soda Levels

W3: Ingredient Levels

W4: Timed/Cereal Levels

W5: Bubble/Reverse Order Levels

W6: Icing Levels

W7: Clearing/Jam/Candy Order/Sugar Candy Levels

W8: Bubblegum/Chocolate Levels

W8alt: Boss Levels, Endgame Off Map after defeating level 700

Koopa Kastle:Hybrid Mode Levels (Before Release of Level 216)

Item house:Hybrid Mode Levels


Haunted Mansion:Dreamworld (Before 7 August 2016)

Starman: Moonstuck Puffler

Tiny Mario: Quest levels (Any type)

Minigame: Quest (Screen)

LStartV: Stringer intro

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