Candy Flock Saga is one of the spin-off games in It was released on September 19, 2015. It comes in 4 seasons, 67 worlds, 201 episodes, and 3000 levels. Currently, there are 0 season, 0 worlds, 0 episodes, and 0 levels available.

CFSaga News


There are three ways to unlock episodes:

  1. On Facebook Web and Mobile, You can ask your 3 friends to unlock an episode.
  2. If not, use your gold bars, but don't spend it too much.
  3. Or you can complete the Mystery Quests (only on website)

List of Episodes

Some new features will have the same format like the original CCS.

Possible New Elements like Never-Seen-Before


  • Sips a candy/element/blocker one at a time depending on layer interval.

Jelly Tube

  • Protects a candy/element/blocker from being touched/swapped. But can be hit by special candies and beside regular matches. This acts like a safety square in some fanons.

Double Lock

  • Twice the licorice lock.

Double Marmalade

  • Twice the marmalade.


  • New ingredient.

Other Elements to be Introduced Soon

Double Chocolate

  • Double the chocolate.

Double Chocolate Spawner

  • Similar to how chocolate spawner works. But the double chocolate is still double chocolate.

Double Swirl

  • Double the licorice swirl.

Angel Spawner

  • Opposite of evil spawner; spawns positive elements except mystery candies. It may be a powerful element, or a special candy.

6, 7 and 8-layered Icing

  • 6 are 6 layers, 7 are 7 layers, and 8 are 8 layers.

Green, Blue, Orange UFOs

  • Green creates 3 striped? Orange creates 3 jellyfish? Blue creates 3 color bombs? Disadvantage is, No DIY.

Cereal levels

  • Similar to orders, but it is individually in own level type.

Jam levels

  • Similar to Soda.

7 and 8 Candy Colors

  • Added candy colours.

Ice Cream

  • Destroys only by means of cake bomb explosion.

Licorice Canes

  • Functions exactly similar to Bp's fanon.

Triple Jelly

  • Triple the jelly.

Cotton Orders

  • Added cottons in the order.

Chameleon Candy Bombs, Mystery Candies, Cereals

  • Added rainbows to those elements.

Candy Rocket

  • Similar to candy frog, but the advantage is, DIY for rocket direction.

Mixed levels

  • New level type that combines two or more single level types

Different Board Flow

  • Gravity.

10x10, 11x11, 12x12 boards

  • Added more spaces.

Special Candy Tray

  • Creates a special candy when it is inside the tray.

Color Filters

  • Dispensers that create colours assigned in the dispenser.

6, 7 and 8-layered Chests

  • 6 are 6 layers, 7 are 7 layers, and 8 are 8 layers.

Season 1 (Old Log)

World One

World Two

World Three

World Four

World Five

World Six

World Seven

World Eight

World Nine

World Ten

World Eleven

World Twelve

World Thirteen

World Fourteen

World Fifteen

World Sixteen

World Seventeen

World Eighteen

World Nineteen

World Twenty

Season 2

World Twenty-One

World Twenty-Two

World One Banner 1 CFS RealityBanner 2 CFS RealityBanner 3 CFS Reality
World Two Banner 4 CFS RealityBanner 5 CFS RealityBanner 6 CFS Reality
World Three Banner 7 CFS RealityBanner 8 CFS RealityBanner 9 CFS Reality
World Four Banner 10 CFS RealityBanner 11 CFS RealityBanner 12 CFS Reality
World Five Banner 13 CFS RealityBanner 14 CFS RealityBanner 15 CFS Reality
World Six Banner 16 CFS RealityBanner 17 CFS RealityBanner 18 CFS Reality
World Seven Banner 19 CFS RealityBanner 20 CFS RealityBanner 21 CFS Reality
World Eight Banner 22 CFS RealityBanner 23 CFS RealityBanner 24 CFS Reality
World Nine Banner 25 CFS RealityBanner 26 CFS RealityBanner 27 CFS Reality
World Ten Banner 28 CFS RealityBanner 29 CFS RealityBanner 30 CFS Reality
World Eleven Banner 31 CFS RealityBanner 32 CFS RealityBanner 33 CFS Reality
World Twelve Banner 34 CFS RealityBanner 35 CFS RealityBanner 36 CFS Reality
World Thirteen Banner 37 CFS RealityBanner 38 CFS RealityBanner 39 CFS Reality
World Fourteen Banner 40 CFS RealityBanner 41 CFS RealityBanner 42 CFS Reality
World Fifteen Banner 43 CFS RealityBanner 44 CFS RealityBanner 45 CFS Reality
World Sixteen Banner 46 CFS RealityBanner 47 CFS RealityBanner 48 CFS Reality
World Seventeen Banner 49 CFS RealityBanner 50 CFS RealityBanner 51 CFS Reality
World Eighteen Banner 52 CFS RealityBanner 53 CFS RealityBanner 54 CFS Reality
World Nineteen Banner 55 CFS RealityBanner 56 CFS RealityBanner 57 CFS Reality
World Twenty Banner 58 CFS RealityBanner 59 CFS RealityBanner 60 CFS Reality
World Twenty-One Banner 61 CFS RealityBanner 62 CFS RealityBanner 63 CFS Reality
World Twenty-Two Banner 64 CFS RealityBanner 65 CFS RealityBanner 66 CFS Reality

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