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Candy Frog Yellow

A yellow candy frog.

Candy Frogs are powerful and advanced special elements found in Candy Crush Saga and appearing in some fanons.


Candy frogs are stationary elements that can be matched like any other candy. They are not affected by gravity. If you feed the frog enough candies (making matches with it), usually 12, it will change into a state named "Frogtastic". Once the state has been reached, if you select the frog and then click on a tile, the frog will jump to that tile, creating a 3x3 shockwave that will damage all jelly and blockers on that area, afterwards it will change colour. They cannot land on any immobile blocker except chocolate.

Frogs can also be involved in special candy matches. If so, the frog will have stripes, a wrapper or turn brown with sprinkles depending on the special candy match involved. Note that this will not work when in a frogtastic state.

They may also be covered in chocolate: when this happens, the frog does not disappear, but keeps its eyes visible. The frog can be freed if the chocolate is broken. When under any incasing blocker, they can't be fed unless freed.

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