This is Candycrush071's version of Candy Crush Saga (Insaneworld version).


  • April 18th, 2015: The final episode in the Insaneworld, Final Fright (levels 146-160) has been released!


This is the Insaneworld version. To go to the Reality counterpart, click here.

Level types

Differently than in Reality, there are only 4 level types in Insaneworld:

Level type Icon Objective First appearance Last appearance Number of levels
Jelly 071Jelly Clear all the jelly before you run out of moves. Level 1 Level 158 78
Ingredients 071Ingredients Bring all the ingredients down before you run out of moves. Level 11 Level 148 21
Candy Order 071Order Complete all candy orders before you run out of moves. Level 13 Level 159 60
Timed 071Timed Reach the target score before the time ends. Level 160 Level 160 1


# Episode Levels Level types New things Release date
1 071EpisodeIW01 1 - 10 071Jelly Candies
Jelly levels
Empty Sachet
2-Layer Icing
Feb 25, 2015
2 071EpisodeIW02 11 - 25 071Jelly071Ingredients071Order Ingredients levels
Candy Order levels
Licorice Lock
Feb 25, 2015
3 071EpisodeIW03 26 - 40 071Jelly071Order Chocolate Feb 26, 2015
4 071EpisodeIW04 41 - 55 071Jelly071Ingredients071Order Licorice Swirl Feb 27, 2015
5 071EpisodeIW05 56 - 70 071Jelly071Ingredients071Order N/A Feb 28, 2015
6 071EpisodeIW06 71 - 85 071Jelly071Ingredients071Order 3-Layer Icing Mar 3, 2015
7 071EpisodeIW07 86 - 100 071Jelly071Ingredients071Order Candy Bomb
Regular Icing
Mar 4, 2015
8 071EpisodeIW08 101 - 115 071Jelly071Ingredients071Order 4-Layer Icing Mar 8, 2015
9 071EpisodeIW09 116 - 130 071Jelly071Ingredients071Order Marmalade Mar 10, 2015
10 071EpisodeIW10 131 - 145 071Jelly071Ingredients071Order 5-Layer Icing Mar 21, 2015
11 071EpisodeIW11 146 - 160 071Jelly071Ingredients071Order071Timed Cake Bomb
Toffee Tornado
Chocolate Spawner
Timed levels
Apr 18, 2015


  • There isn't an Insaneworld version for every level in Reality. Insaneworld ends in Level 160 (Episode 11; the counterpart of Pie Palace).
  • In this game, candies are excluded in this order: Yellow-Cyan-Purple-Blue-Green-Red-Orange, which is different than in Reality. Also, 7-color levels already appear in the first episode rather than just later in the game.
  • Levels tend to be harder in Insaneworld, hence the name. Additionally, the two easiest level types in Reality (moves and timed) are not present in Insaneworld, and always get replaced by another level type.
    • The exception is Level 160 (the finale), which is the only Timed level in the Insaneworld.
  • Originally, the Insaneworld was supposed to have 17 episodes (250 levels), but ended up having 11. The names of the episodes were originally supposed to be:
  • Episode banners tend to always have dark colors. Also, the episode names tend to have more negative words rather than positive words.
  • There is no Dreamworld in this game. Insaneworld replaces Dreamworld from the original game, but it doesn't include stuff from Dreamworld like moonscale, moonstruck, etc.
  • There are no chocolate levels in the Insaneworld, or any level types introduced after that, since it ends in Level 160, which is before their introduction in Reality.
  • Regular icing was originally not supposed to be present in the Insaneworld, but was accidentally introduced in Lonely Lodge and is not exclusive to Reality anymore.
  • Insaneworld is unlocked after you complete Level 100 in Reality.
  • Like in Reality, there are no tickets or lives, but you cannot proceed to the next episode if you haven't completed its Reality counterpart first (e.g. you cannot play Creepy Countryside if you haven't finished Vanilla Village first).

Unused banners

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