A green Color Clearer

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The Color Clearer is a type of special candy that appears in S2CCS and C437CCS.

Appearance and properties

A Color Clearer resembles a Color Bomb, but the chocolate of the Color Bomb is replaced with one of the seven candy colors, as are some of the spots.

Color Clearers do nothing by themselves. However, they will still give points when they are destroyed. When all Color Clearers of a particular color have been removed, that color will be removed from the level permanently. On some order levels, it is important that this is not done too early, otherwise the level will be automatically failed.

There can never be more than four different colors of Color Clearers on the board.


The Color Clearer will be introduced at Level 496.


In Courtemanche437's Candy Crush Saga, color clearers are introduced in Level 451.

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