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Level 581 (CCSDM) (Moves Levels), is the first level to have coloring icing.

Colored Icing (A.K.A. Multicolored Icing and Colored Regular Icing) is an icing blocker. They appear in some fanons.


Coloring Icing works similar to regular icing, the only difference is that for destroy it, must making a match adjacent of candies with its same color.

Coloring Icing is first seen as the item introduced for episode 40, Meringue Meadow. It is first seen in Level 581.

Notable levels

  • Level 581 - First appearance.


Colored Regular Icing appears in later levels. They work similar to regular icings, but you must make a match adjacent of candies with their same color to destroy. They can, however, be destroyed by striped candies, wrapped candies, or jelly fish having different colors.


It appears around level 600. They work similar to regular icing, but you must make a match adjacent of candies with the same color to destroy them. They will only be destroyed by striped/wrapped candies if they had the same colour. Unlike CCR, it will not randomise its colour. Toffee tornadoes will clear them, but cake bombs/jelly cakes will clear them only if at least one adjacent candy had the same colour.


In Candy Crush Sugar Saga, colored icings appear for the first time in level 541. They work like in CCR. In most levels with colored icing, the colors are ramdom generated, but some levels like level 552 and level 577 had fixed colors.

Candy Crush Special Saga

They appear in Candy Crush Special Saga and can be any one of the 7 colours in that fanon. There also exists a blocker called "Cream Puff", which is the same as coloured icing, except it's movable. There also exists "Multicoloured Icing", which can have up to four colours (including white, with the white icing resembling regular icing that can be destroyed by any colour).