Crazy spawner.jpg

The "Crazy Spawner" is a special version of the Magic Mixer that appears in Candy Crush Special Saga. It looks like a dark red magic mixer. It will first appear in the 90th episode.


  • It can spawn almost any blocker anywhere on the board (as opposed to a few select blockers around its radius, like the magic mixer can).
  • It can remove tiles and replace blockers with other ones.
  • It can encase elements in encasing blockers, even if they are already encased. This can result in candies being inside any combination of marmalade, licorice locks and sugar chests (or even all three at the same time).
  • It can only be damaged with special candies. It takes five hits to destroy, just like the magic mixer. When it is destroyed, it will release a powerful shockwave that will destroy everything on the board, including the blockers which it has spawned, bobbers, chocolate spawners, candy cane fences and even candy cannons.
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