This article is about Candy Crush Master Saga episode. For episode in Candy Crush Saga: Candies Revenge, see Creamy Cottage (CCR).

Episode 01
World One
Levels 1 - 10
New Elements Moves Icon Jelly Icon
Character Tiffi
Champion Title Happy Homeowner
Difficulty Very Easy
Previous Next
N/A Fruity Forest

Creamy Cottage (CCMS) is the First episode of World 1 and the 1st Episode of Candy Crush Master Saga.


Before episode:

Tiffi gets out of the House, Remembering the last voyage she took and wondering what to do now.

After episode:

Tiffi then decides to go and explore again, a whole new Adventure!

New Elements

This Episode Introduces the Game, starting Level 1 with the Moves levels (Moves Icon) and starting from Level 6 the Jelly levels (Jelly Icon).

  • Level 3 is the Tutorial of How to make Special Candies (Wrapped or Stripped Candy)
  • Level 4 is the Tutorial of How to make Colour Bombs
  • Level 5 Introduces the Combo of Stripped & Wrapped and when the same level is finished, the Booster is given to the Player
  • Level 7 Introduces the Lollipop Hammer and when the same level is finished, 3 Lollipop Hammers is given to the Player


This episode contains levels 1 to 10. This episode is very easy, but some tutorial levels can be tricky that make you fail.

Easiest level: Level 1

Hardest level: Level 9

There are 5 Moves levels (Moves Icon) and 5 Jelly levels (Jelly Icon)

Level Type Moves Target Score Goal Candy Colors Difficulty
Level 1 Moves Icon 10 500 1star (trans): 500 pts 4 Very Easy
Level 2 Moves Icon 15 500 1star (trans): 500 pts 6 Very Easy
Level 3 Moves Icon 15 2,000 1star (trans): 2,000 pts 5 Very Easy
Level 4 Moves Icon 10 4,500 1star (trans): 4,500 pts 6 Very Easy
Level 5 Moves Icon 15 5,000 1star (trans): 5,000 pts 6 Very Easy
Level 6 Jelly Icon 15 8,000 Regular Jelly: 9 5 Very Easy
Level 7 Jelly Icon 35 15,000 Regular Jelly: 21 5 Very Easy
Level 8 Jelly Icon 40 20,000 Regular Jelly: 25 6 Very Easy
Level 9 Jelly Icon 35 45,000 Regular Jelly: 46 4 Very Easy
Level 10 Jelly Icon 30 30,000 Regular Jelly: 36 5 Very Easy


  • This Episode References the Candy Town episode from the Original Candy Crush Saga.
  • Along with Fruity Forest, these two episodes are the only episodes in Reality to have 10 Levels


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