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White Candy levels A,K,A, Crukle and Voice levels is one of the level type packs in fanons.

Candy Crush Ball Saga

  • Generally, you can see Crukle levels at LΕΝΑ050
  • Generally, you can see Voice levels at LΕΝΑ403


Crukle Mode levels

To win Cruckle levels, you must plan the required amount of white candies x times that the icing layers are (Icings can only be destroyed by needed amount of White). Examples:

  • There're 2 and 3 layered icings so you need to collect 55 White 3 times to win the level
  • There're all icing layers so you need to collect 55 White 10 times

Voice levels

To win Voice levels, you must remove everything apart from the spawners in the board in x seconds by speaking.

  • Speak as loud as you can so you can remove up to 5x5 area of board
  • Any candies removed will cause the others to slide down to the others.
  • Any matches involved in this type will be matched and add 2 more seconds
  • In Bally Sugar Crush, every second is converted to 60 points of each.
  • Any blocker that it is multilayered, it will only remove one layer from the blocker, not the entire blocker


  • You cannot switch candies in this type
  • You must have an appropriate microphone to make it working. Inappropriate microphones or no microphone is installed in your computer will make this level type impossible to pass
    • You can set the microphone by allowing it by use of Flash Player for Web Version and by registering the microphone you want to use for Κορα Σουπρ(2nd Fanon's desktop app)


  • This is the first and the only level type pack in the fanon world
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