5-layered Cupcake

Cupcakes are the blockers in some fanons. They are originally a blocker in Candy Crush Soda Saga with identical properties to icing squares, so cupackes in some fanons can have different properties.

Modification Properties

The cupcakes are multilayered blockers that have up to five layers. In some fanons, they present cupcakes, but they have different properties from Candy Crush Soda Saga that they can regrow layers if the players ignore them when damaged. They do not regrow at the first move you ignore them, but after the second move, they will regenerate one layer each move up to its original size. (i.e. If the cupcakes have two layers, they cannot generate the third layer.) Note that all cupcake squares are independent from each other. If the player can take some layers off some icing squares, some cupcake squares that you don't take layers off will still regrow, but they starts regrowing after two moves the player ignore them.

This blocker can be a serious threat as they can undo the players' hard work on clearing them, so the players have to concentrate on them to overcome levels.


In CCR, this blocker is modified that it can regrow as the previous topic said. The one and two-layer ones are introduced in Level 936 in Fruity Forest. The third-layer one is introduced in Level 982 in Soybean Spire. The fourth-layer one is introduced in Level 1116 in Crazy Course, and the five-layer one is introduced in Level 1311 in Sugar Shed.


In FCS, they act the exact same way as in Candy Crush Soda Saga. One-layered cupcakes are introduced in Level 11 in Soda Sea, two-layered cupcakes are introduced in Level 26 in Jam Junkyard, three-layered cupcakes are introduced in Level 36 in Chocolate Clearing, four-layered cupcakes are introduced in Level 66 in Syrup Station, and five-layered cupcakes are introduced in Level 106 in Episode 8.


In CCTJ, they act just like they do in Soda Saga. One-layered cupcakes are introduced in level 6, two-layered in level 9, three-layered in level 26, and four-layered and five-layered will appear later on.


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