Bubblegum Bone Bawn
Episode 8
World Unknown
Levels 141 - 160
Character Rex
Difficulty Undetermined
Released October 30th, 2015
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Crazy Coast Sugarcube Sund

Bubblegum Bone Bawn is the 8th episode of Tasty Tour Saga and the four and final episode in Tour 2. It is preceded by Crazy Coast and succeeded by Episode 9. This episode was released on October 31th, 2015.


Before episode:
Rex, a red fox, has stuck a pumpkin on his head.
After episode:
Kimmy uses a magic wand, the pumpkin disappears and starts raining candies. He thanks and Kimmy says 'Happy Halloween!'.

New things

  • Dark Purple Candy (Level ?)


This episode contains levels 141-160.

There are 8 order levels, 4 waffle levels, 5 ingredients levels and 3 fudge levels.


  • This episode has alliteration.
  • This episode takes place in Dublin, Ireland.
  • Originally, this episode was going to be named Darkness District.
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