Delicious Dunes (CCSS)
Episode Number 47
World 10
Levels 691 to 705
New features Clearing tile
Green Jelly (Jelly Color) under Chocolate Fountain
CannonLUb  CannonUbUp  CannonUW
Party Popper Booster
Difficulty Hard
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Crunchy Cliffs Refreshing Pond
Delicious Dunes is the 47th episode of Candy Crush Sugar Saga.

New Things

  • Clearing tile is introduced in level 696: Appears exclusively in clearing levels. These tiles must not contain anything.
    • Also, it's the first level where the party popper booster can be used for free (when charged up).
  • Green Jelly (Jelly Color) under Chocolate Fountain is seen for the first time in level 701.
  • More cannon combinations are added.


This episode contains levels 691 to 705.

Moves icon new Jelly icon new Ingredients icon new Candy Order icon new Chocolate icon new Clearing icon new Jelly Color icon new Jam icon new Frog icon new Anti Order icon new Banana icon new Balance icon new
0 5 0 4 3 1 2 - - - - -
Easiest level
Hardest level
Hexagon icon Hardcore levels (Navy blue level is marked as Super Hard Level)
Chocolate icon new 692 Candy Order icon new 694 Jelly icon new 699 Jelly icon new 703
Level Type Moves Target Score Goal Colors Notes Playable
691 Jelly icon new Moves-26 1star (trans): 200.000 pts Double Jelly: 69 4 X mark.svg
692 Chocolate icon new Moves-25 1star (trans): 45.000 pts Chocolate 5 X mark.svg
693 Chocolate icon new Moves-20 1star (trans): 50.000 pts Chocolate  Whitechocolate1 4 X mark.svg
694 Candy Order icon new Moves-24 1star (trans): 100.000 pts Popcorn blocker: 30   Colourbomb colourbomb (trans): 15
Color bomb (trans): 450
3 Yes check.svg
695 Candy Order icon new Moves-25 1star (trans): 5.000 pts CyanCandy: 10 6 X mark.svg
696 Clearing icon new Infinite 1star (trans): 15.000 pts Clearing tile: 38 2 X mark.svg
697 Jelly icon new Moves-27 1star (trans): 145.000 pts Double Jelly: 64 4 X mark.svg
698 Jelly Color icon new Moves-40 1star (trans): 36.000 pts Jelly Color Hud: 0/9 5 Yes check.svg
699 Jelly icon new Moves-50 1star (trans): 84.000 pts Double Jelly: 42 5 X mark.svg
700 Chocolate icon new Moves-42 1star (trans): 28.000 pts Chocolate  Strawberry Chocolate new  Whitechocolate1 7 X mark.svg
701 Jelly Color icon new Moves-33 1star (trans): 40.000 pts Jelly Color Hud: 5/17 5 Yes check.svg
702 Jelly icon new Moves-38 1star (trans): 210.000 pts Double Jelly: 65 4 X mark.svg
703 Jelly icon new Moves-30 1star (trans): 81.000 pts Double Jelly: 27 4 Yes check.svg
704 Candy Order icon new Moves-40 1star (trans): 15.000 pts Blue: 75   Red: 75
Yellow: 75
6 Yes check.svg
705 Candy Order icon new Moves-50 1star (trans): 15.000 pts Fish: 15   Chocolate: 15
Candy Bomb order: 70
6 X mark.svg



  • All jelly levels are odd numbered.
  • All levels follow this color scheme: Yellow, Blue, Orange, Purple, Green, Red.
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