Level 666 (CCJS)

Level 666 (Moves Icon) is the first level to have detonator.

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Detonator is a blocker in Candy Crush Jelly Saga. It appears for first time in the 46th episode, Vineyard Valley. The first level in which it is featured is Level 666.


Detonator is a stationary and three-hit blocker that can be destroyed by special candies.

Detonator spawns candy bombs into three tiles at random every 3 moves, even if these contain blockers (except chocolate spawners, sugar chests, other detonators, and licorice locks and marmalades with candy bombs). These candy bombs may or may not be within licorice locks or marmalade. The number of moves candy bomb is 11 to 5, even if there are other candy bombs with less than 5 moves or greater than 11 moves.

Detonator can spawn bombs on conveyor belts, but not in safety squares.

After the third hit, it will cause a 3x3 explosion, which will harm other detonators and blockers within range.

Other ways to destroy the detonator is through the explosion of a cake bomb or landing of a toffee tornado.


Rating Approximate Chance
A (abundant) ≥ 25%
C (common) 10%
F (frequent) 5%
O (occasional) 3%
R (rare) < 0.1%
  • Candy Bomb (A)
  • Candy Bomb in Licorice Lock (C)
  • Candy Bomb in Marmalade (F)
  • Candy Bomb in Double Marmalade (R)
  • Candy Bomb in Double Licorice Lock (R)


First Appearance Latest Appearance
Level 666 ???

Levels with detonators

23 levels have detonators.


  • The detonator never spawns candy bombs in gelatine and respawnable marmalade.
  • The idea of the detonator is a hybrid between evil spawner, UFO and mystery candies.
  • Originally, the detonator was returning two times more, after 7 moves and in the same tile.
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