Disgusting Discoveries is the second Episode in World 1 - Reality. This Episode contains 15 levels and the difficulty starts to pick up from here.

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Before Episode

Tiffy is asked for help from an undercover archaeologist to find a Coconut Wheel to add to the fanon. Tiffy immediately agrees and they both start to work on finding the Coconut Wheel.

During Episode

They instead find a lot more than needed, such as Candy Order type levels and even Licorice Canes. Tiffy wonders if the Coconut Wheel is down here.

After Episode

After dealing with legitimate hell in Level 25, Tiffy and the archaeologist find the Coconut Wheels. Coconut Wheels can now be used as a booster and can be purchased from the shop.


Level Type Difficulty Objective
Level 11 Moves Icon 21,500 points in 20 moves.
Level 12 Jelly Icon Clear Regular Jelly: 36   Double Jelly: 8 jellies.
Level 13 Moves Icon 30,000 points in 30 moves.
Level 14 Ingredients Icon Collect Hazelnut: 2   Cherry: 2
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