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Egg levels was a one of level types in Candy Crush 811's Saga. They was introduced in Level 531 (CC811).


Level 531 CC811

To win a egg level, you need to fry all the eggs (gems) on the board. To do this, you must first break the egg with a special candy. When broken, the gem appears. After doing this, you need to spread the oil. To spread the oil, you must remove all the blockers that are interfering the way, like the water in Diamond Digger Saga.

The oil needs to be in contact with the gem. With the egg, nothing happens.

Eggs fall like candies and can swapped like a ingredient.

Egg + any special candy = gem

Gem + oil = Fried egg (objective complete).


  • Every fried egg gives the player 5,000 points.
  • After complete the level, sugar crush is activated and a striped candy is made for every moves remaining and activate them, giving you, 3,000 points for each.
  • The oil spread like the water in Diamond Digger Saga.
  • The oil can spread diagonally.
  • Is impossible to score less than 5,000 points in a egg level, because a fried egg gives 5,000 points.
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