Episode 061

Eggnog Estate is the sixty first episode in Maalit72's Candy Crush Saga ROBT.

The champion title of this episode is currently unknown.


Before Episode

The Bugglegum Troll's Son is aiming to demolish an estate of a baron. Carmel finds that the baron is afraid. Carmel saks the baron: "What happened?". Then, the baron says to Carmel: "Thank you for coming. A giant pink gummy monster is going to demolish my estate. I need that you will save my estate".

After Episode

Carmel builds a Jelly wall around the baron's estate. Then, The Bubblegum Troll's Son tries to access the estate but he can't. The Bubblegum Troll's Son goes away from the estate and he says: "I will back!". Then, the baron is happy and he says: "You made a great protection for my estate. Thanks!".

New Things

  • N/A


Easiest Level: Level 904

Hardest Level: Level 902

Levels Level Type Level Difficulty
Level 891 Jelly Icon Medium
Level 892 Jelly Icon Hard
Level 893 M72 Reverse Order Logo Somewhat Hard
Level 894 Candy Order Icon Somewhat Easy
Level 895 Ingredients Icon Hard
Level 896 Jelly Icon Somewhat Easy
Level 897 Jelly Icon Very hard
Level 898 Ingredients Icon Somewhat Easy
Level 899 Candy Order Icon Hard
Level 900 Jelly Icon Very Hard
Level 901 Jelly Icon Somewhat Easy
Level 902 M72 Blocker Logo Insanely Hard
Level 903 M72 Blocker Logo Medium
Level 904 Candy Order Icon Easy
Level 905 Jelly Icon Medium
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